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Samsung Galaxy Fold: We answer your questions about Samsung's delayed $2,000 phone

Ahead of its now delayed release, we got to test Samsung’s foldable Galaxy Fold. It has plenty of potential despite early screen problems.

Via:: USA Today Tech News


Googlers Claim Retaliation, Samsung Delays Fold, and More News

Catch up on the most important news today in 2 minutes or less.

Via:: Wired News


Want to travel? Here are some ways to save some money

Looking to book your next vacation? Here are some tips and tricks to save money when booking flights, selecting hotels and applying for credit cards.

Via:: USA Today Tech News


The 25 best gifts for book lovers

(That’s not just a bigger TBR pile.)

Via:: USA Today Tech News


For richer, for poorer: Global warming has made the world's rich richer and the poor poorer, study says

Due in part to rising temperatures from human-caused climate change, the gap between the world’s poorest and richest people has increased in the past half-century.

Via:: USA Today Tech News


The best water bottles of 2019

Stay hydrated with these bottles at your side.

Via:: USA Today Tech News


Samsung Delays the Release of Its Galaxy Fold Smartphone

The smartphone giant has delayed the release of the Samsung Galaxy Fold after early review units of the folding smartphone began malfunctioning.

Via:: Wired News


14 Mueller Report Takeaways You Might Have Missed

When you dig into the Mueller report, a lot of important details start to jump out.

Via:: Wired News


‘Game of Thrones’ Recap, Season 8 Episode 2: That’s What Death Is

Everyone in the Seven Kingdoms is about to make history, for as long as that still exists.

Via:: Wired News


Samsung delays launch of Galaxy Fold following display issues

Following display issues reported by some reviewers, Samsung is going to delay the launch of the Galaxy Fold hybrid device until at least next month

Via:: USA Today Tech News

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