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NASA Launches Astronauts to the ISS on a Reused SpaceX Rocket

The six-month mission is another step toward an eventual moon landing, and the second time this Crew Dragon capsule has visited the space station.

Via:: Wired News


5 Surprising Ways to Help Save the Planet

What do an electronic turtle egg, an Arctic seed bank, and carbon-eating machines have in common? They’re helping us be optimistic this Earth Day.

Via:: Wired News


‘Call of Duty: Warzone’ goes back in time for its next update

Publisher Activision unveiled the brand new map for Warzone, its popular free-to-play action game, called Verdansk ’84.

Via:: USA Today Tech News


Innovative but impractical, Lenovo’s folding ThinkPad misses the mark

Lenovo’s folding hybrid is a captivating new take on laptops, but with short battery life and undercooked performance, it falls short of expectations.

Via:: USA Today Tech News


7 useful tools for a quick and easy digital spring cleaning

From cleaning up your browser to selling second-hand items online, Kim Komando has 7 useful tips to help get your digital life in order for spring.

Via:: USA Today Tech News


How the US Might Reach Biden’s New Climate Goal

The president wants the country to halve its greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. Here’s what it will take to actually succeed.

Via:: Wired News


Why Lawmakers Are Interested in Apple’s and Google’s ‘Rents’

You can’t understand the app store debate without knowing a crucial piece of antitrust jargon.

Via:: Wired News


Megan Thee Stallion is taking a break from social media. 6 signs you need to unplug too

Chrissy Teigen deactivated her Twitter account. When is it time to step away from social media? We asked experts to weigh in on signs to look for.

Via:: USA Today Tech News


Facebook fundraisers may be taxed. One do-gooder got a ‘huge shock’ after a $16,000 tax bill

A Connecticut middle school teacher’s good deed to fundraise on Facebook to help families in need may leave him with a hefty tax bill as a result.

Via:: USA Today Tech News


Are you tracking the price of Dogecoin? Should you buy it? Your cryptocurrency questions answered

There’s lots of hype around cryptocurrencies. What are they? Are they are a good investment? We answer your questions.

Via:: USA Today Tech News

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