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Facebook takes on HQ Trivia with live game shows

Facebook is rolling out new interactive video features for content creators, allowing them to hold polls and become the hosts of their own game shows. The foray could draw users from HQ Trivia.

Via:: USA Today Tech News


NASA’s new ECOSTRESS will take the temperature of plants from space

NASA’s ECOSTRESS instrument will measure the temperature of plants from space to study how drought conditions affect plant health.

Via:: USA Today Tech News


Cosmic ‘frisbees’ could tell us how our solar system formed

The most intensive survey of the Orion Nebula yet could tell us what our solar system looked like five billion years ago.

Via:: USA Today Tech News


New meteorite discovery may mean lots of water on the moon

After several lunar meteorites were found in a North African desert, the mystery of whether the moon has water may have been solved.

Via:: USA Today Tech News


These Bose earbuds are meant to put you to sleep

Most Bose headphones are designed to be heard. But Sleepbuds instead mask outside noises to let you get some shuteye.

Via:: USA Today Tech News


With IGTV, Instagram Takes Aim at YouTube

The new app for long-form video will exist within Instagram’s existing app, which now has more than 1 billion monthly active users.

Via:: Wired News


AMC’s Latest Move Proves MoviePass Changed Moviegoing for Good

Now that even AMC has gotten in on the subscription game, there’s no going back.

Via:: Wired News


China Won’t Solve the World’s Plastics Problem Any More

China stopped taking in most of the world’s recycling. Where does it go now?

Via:: Wired News


Europe Considers a New Copyright Law. Here’s Why That Matters

Critics say a proposal in the European Parliament would lead to legal content being blocked, even outside the EU.

Via:: Wired News


Trump Stokes Outrage in Silicon Valley—But It’s Selective

Government contracts have sparked protests among tech employees, but a larger reflection on the role of technology is needed in Silicon Valley.

Via:: Wired News

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