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A Complete Guide to All 17 (Known) Trump and Russia Investigations

The investigation in to Russian interference and Donald Trump has sprung so many offshoots, it’s hard to keep track. Here’s a comprehensive list. It’s long.

Via:: Wired News


Text, Californians, text: State commission won't pursue tax on text messaging

Rejoice, Californians. Your texts won’t be taxed.

Via:: USA Today Tech News


Startup now worth more than $1B seeks incentives, is moving headquarters to Memphis

Indigo Ag plans to open its North American headquarters in Memphis. Its 700 jobs will average $90,000 where per capita income is less than $24,000.

Via:: USA Today Tech News


US Air Force set to launch its first next-generation GPS satellite on Tuesday

After months of delays, the U.S. Air Force is about to launch the first of a new generation of GPS satellites.

Via:: USA Today Tech News


Crispr Babies, IVF, and the Ethics of Genetic Class Warfare

He Jiankui was broadly condemned for editing the DNA of twins. But more widely used forms of gene editing, like IVF, perpetuate inequality by design.

Via:: Wired News


Colin Kroll, a co-founder of Vine and HQ Trivia, found dead at 35

Colin Kroll, co-founder and CEO of the popular HQ Trivia app and a co-founder of Vine, was found dead in his apartment Sunday by the NYPD. He was 35.

Via:: USA Today Tech News


Trump’s ‘Smocking Gun’ Tweet Tops This Week’s Internet News

President Trump misspells smoking. Plus: The Washington Post adds a “Bottomless Pinocchio” rating, Theresa May cancels a Brexit vote, and more.

Via:: Wired News


Inside Elon Musk’s Production Hell and More This Week in Cars

We go deep into the Tesla CEO’s very difficult past few years, hop aboard a self-driving truck, ogle Aston Martin’s hypercar, and more.

Via:: Wired News


10 Best Gaming Headsets: PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch, Mobile

We picked the best gaming headsets for PS4, Xbox, Switch, PC, Mac, and mobile.

Via:: Wired News


Confirmed! Those LIGO Gravitational Wave Signals Were Real

Two independent papers vanquish lingering doubts about LIGO’s historic discovery of gravitational waves.

Via:: Wired News

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