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Why Facebook Will Struggle to Regulate Political Ads

Disclosure rules for funding political ads are murky. Now Facebook wants to regulate itself

Via:: Wired News


iPhone 8 lines were orderly and short. In other words, a snooze

Apple buyers are waiting for iPhone X. Plus, Apple has become more efficient at filling pre-orders.

Via:: USA Today Tech News


How a Decrepit Grain Silo Became South Africa’s Mind-Blowing Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa

Architect Mat Cash transformed a facility meant to store 30,000 tons of wheat, maize, and sorghum into a celebration of art instead of agriculture.

Via:: Wired News


Russians tried to hack election systems of 21 states in 2016, Wisconsin officials say

Russians attempted to hack elections systems in Wisconsin and 20 other states in the run-up to last year’s presidential election, Wisconsin officials said Friday.

Via:: USA Today Tech News


Facebook's Zuckerberg drops contested plan to keep control with new class of voting stock

Facebook CEO credited the rise of his company’s stock price with helping him maintain voting control while still spending billions on philanthropy.

Via:: USA Today Tech News


This is the best deal we've ever seen on a 4K OLED TV

This is a Black Friday-level steal.

Via:: USA Today Tech News


I Helped Create Facebook’s Ad Machine. Here’s How I’d Fix It

Facebook finally laid out some changes to its ad platform. But a former employee who helped build it shares his own ideas on how to fix the Russia problem.

Via:: Wired News


L.L. Bean's new ad can only be seen in the sunlight

If you want to see L.L. Bean’s new ad, you’re going to have to step outdoors.

Via:: USA Today Tech News


Baltimore Built an App to Map Opioid Overdoses in Real Time

Opioid overdoses proliferate, like a disease. A new app lets health and law-enforcement officials anticipate their spread.

Via:: Wired News


Stricken By Tragedy, an Immigrant Fights for Her Home

How one tech worker’s story illuminates the plight of H-1B holders.

Via:: Wired News

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