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Melania Trump to host cyberbullying, Internet safety event

The meeting marks her first public event on the topic, a choice some observers have questioned given that her husband often berates people on Twitter.

Via:: USA Today Tech News


IBM Watson unveils the AI-infused Watson Assistant. It's no Alexa or Siri

IBM Watson unveiled the Watson Assistant as a behind the scenes artificial intelligent assistant for it enterprise customers. So don’t say, “Hey Watson.”

Via:: USA Today Tech News


The Noisy Fallacies of Psychographic Targeting

WIRED columnist Antonio Garcia Martinez on why Cambridge Analytica’s targeting efforts probably didn’t even work—and why Facebook should be embarrassed anyway.

Via:: Wired News


Facebook's chief security officer Alex Stamos said to resign

Facebook’s chief security officer Alex Stamos is said to be quitting over a dispute about how it has been used to spread disinformation, reports say.

Via:: USA Today Tech News


Did you pay too much? Samsung phone pricing explained

All phone pricing may not be equal. Here’s why you may be paying too much or too little for your new Samsung Galaxy phone.

Via:: USA Today Tech News


Macy's will let shoppers use mobile app to skip the sales clerk, scan and pay for products

Macy’s plans to later this year rollout an upgrade to its mobile app letting customers pay for items with their smartphone.

Via:: USA Today Tech News


GDC 2018: Who Is This Event For Anymore?

Like the gaming world itself, the annual developer conference stands at a crossroads.

Via:: Wired News


Uber self-driving car kills Arizona pedestrian, realizing worst fears of the new tech

The incident occurred Sunday night in Tempe, and the National Transportation Safety Board said it would be investigating.

Via:: USA Today Tech News


Facebook profile fraud in 5 steps

A brief explainer of how Facebook profile data can be used

Via:: USA Today Tech News


Reports of Facebook data misuse spurs calls for regulation, scrutiny of social media firms

Some senators wants to grill social media CEOs over privacy concerns, but it’s not clear whether those calls will be heeded on Capitol Hill.

Via:: USA Today Tech News

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