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Inside Facebook’s Plan to Safeguard the 2018 Election

The social media giant has assembled a team of geeks, spooks, hackers, and lawyers to prevent a repeat of the 2016 abuse and manipulation on its network.

Via:: Wired News


New research indicates the oldest fossils ever found on Earth might just be rocks

The new work was done by NASA astrobiologist Abigail Allwood, who had found the previously oldest fossil at nearly 3.5 billion years old.

Via:: USA Today Tech News


The Mysterious Return of Years-Old APT1 Malware

Security researchers have discovered a new instance code associated with APT1, a notorious Chinese hacking group that disappeared in 2013.

Via:: Wired News


Bugs could be the future of food

We can’t get rid of them, so we might as well eat em’. Buzz60’s Tony Spitz has the details.

Via:: USA Today Tech News


Spammers, not a nation state, behind Facebook data breach, report says

The spammers aimed to make money through deceptive advertising and masqueraded as a digital marketing company, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Via:: USA Today Tech News


A New Facebook Suit Makes ‘Pivot to Video’ Even More Myopic

A new lawsuit alleges that Facebook inflated its video viewership numbers more than previously reported, and then hid the mistake. And that has journalists steamed.

Via:: Wired News


Facebook takes down ads mentioning African-Americans and Hispanics, calling them political

USA TODAY found dozens of Facebook ads celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month or mentioning the word Mexican that were removed for being political in error.

Via:: USA Today Tech News


Facebook does, indeed, want to track your calls on device

The social network had promised to be hands off, privacy wise, but in an update now admits it will track the calls and time spent when making video chats on its new Portal video speaker.

Via:: USA Today Tech News


Did you know you can make pasta in a coffee pot?

Is there an easier way to make pasta than your regular stove method? Grab your coffee pot and give this a shot! No boiling water or colander needed.

Via:: USA Today Tech News


I tried 13 popular 'Shark Tank' products—and only some are actually worth it

From the Scrub Daddy to the Squatty Potty, these are the products worth buying

Via:: USA Today Tech News

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