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How Did President Trump Do on His Physical? It’s Complicated

The answers to impolite but salient questions about personal health aren’t, it turns out, straightforward—for anyone, not just a president.

Via:: Wired News


Will Amazon really go to Canada? Don't count Toronto out

Out of the final twenty candidates for Amazon’s HQ2, only Toronto is outside the U.S.

Via:: USA Today Tech News


Triton Malware Details Show the Dangers of Industrial System Sabotage

New details about Triton malware should put industrial systems and critical infrastructure on notice.

Via:: Wired News


FCC Won’t Redefine ‘Broadband;’ Move Could Have Worsened Digital Divide

The FCC backed away from an earlier proposal that would have lowered the threshold for connections to be considered “broadband,” and said it had rejected the idea of labeling mobile internet a replacement for home broadband.

Via:: Wired News


Forget the Robot Singularity Apocalypse. Let’s Talk About the *Multiplicity*

The robot revolution we’re in the midst of is way more interesting and way less murder-y than science fiction. Call it the multiplicity.

Via:: Wired News


What’s Actually Inside a Tide Pod?

What exactly is happening when you wash your clothes with fatty acid salts in a candylike package?

Via:: Wired News


AI Beat Humans at Reading! Maybe Not

Microsoft and Alibaba claimed software could read like a human. There’s more to the story than that.

Via:: Wired News


Apple CEO doesn't 'recommend' iPhone batterygate fix

Tim Cook maintains that Apple slowed iPhone performance in order to help users prolong their battery.

Via:: USA Today Tech News


Amazon announces 20 locations that could be home to Amazon's HQ2

238 cities across the United States were eager to become the home of HQ2, Amazon’s new headquarters. Amazon has trimmed down its list to just 20 cities.

Via:: USA Today Tech News


Cancer Diagnosis from a Blood Draw? Liquid Biopsies Are Still a Dream

Blood tests can detect eight of the most common cancers—but their accuracy still isn’t high enough to be used clinically.

Via:: Wired News

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