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Black Friday deals have already begun—here are the best sales

Black Friday deals start well before the shopping weekend, and these are all the sales happening right now.

Via:: USA Today Tech News


Forget 5G. Founder wants Boost Mobile back to keep prices for budget customers low

Boost founder Peter Adderton would pay $300 million to $400 million more than Dish to buy Boost from Sprint. It’s for sale as a condition of the T-Mobile merger.

Via:: USA Today Tech News


Did Disney+ get hacked?

Customer services still haven’t caught up to demand for Disney+, which is struggling with big backlogs.

Via:: USA Today Tech News


This one trick will make your Christmas lights easier to use

“Alexa, transform my holidays.”

Via:: USA Today Tech News


Cells That ‘Taste’ Danger Set Off Immune Responses

Taste and smell receptors in unexpected organs monitor the state of the body’s natural microbial health and raise an alarm over invading parasites.

Via:: Wired News


Google Stadia video game streaming service goes live Tuesday with 22 games

Google’s new Stadia cloud gaming service ($129.99, for controller, Chromecast Ultra and three-month subscription) lets you play video games online without a game console.

Via:: USA Today Tech News


The Internet Wants Zack Snyder’s Version of ‘Justice League’

On the second anniversary of the movie’s debut, #ReleaseTheSnyderCut is trending once again.

Via:: Wired News


Google Stadia Review: It’s Getting There

Google is a streaming game company now, for better and worse.

Via:: Wired News


How Facebook’s Anti-Revenge Porn Tools Failed Katie Hill

Despite automated systems and zero tolerance policies, it’s easy to find photos of the former representative weeks after they were published without her consent.

Via:: Wired News


Opinion: AI For Good Is Often Bad

Trying to solve poverty, crime, and disease with (often biased) technology doesn’t address their root causes.

Via:: Wired News

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