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Keep your teen driver safe

Jennifer Jolly talks about ways to use technology to keep your teens safe while they drive.

Via:: USA Today Tech News


Happy 10th birthday iPhone, what’s next?

On the eve of the 10th birthday of Apple’s iPhone, USA TODAY’s Jefferson Graham asks people attending the annual VidCon convention what’s next for mobile devices.

Via:: USA Today Tech News


Plastic Water Bottles Might Have Poisoned Ancient Californians

Native Americans living in California made their own plastic water bottles. However, they didn’t know how toxic that might be.

Via:: Wired News


How I became a UX designer: Marisa Gallagher of Amazon Music

Marisa Gallagher is head of design and user experience for Amazon Music. Don’t you have job envy?

Via:: USA Today Tech News


Virgin Media hack risk is a wake-up call to check your router

Investigation found older-generation routers used by Virgin Media are vulnerable to hacking. The company advises customers to change passwords.

Via:: USA Today Tech News


Google to stop scanning Gmail for ad targeting

It will end a practice that Google has embraced since 2004 and that raised privacy hackles.

Via:: USA Today Tech News


The 37 most popular wedding registry gifts on Amazon

These are the things that couples are registering for on Amazon right now.

Via:: USA Today Tech News


How To Turn Off Snapchat’s Stalkerish Snap Map Feature

It’s called Ghost Mode.

Via:: Wired News


This best-selling smart sprinkler system is at its lowest price ever right now

The best-selling Rachio Smart Sprinkler works with Alexa and other smart home platforms to help you get better, more accurate control over your lawn care, and right now Home Depot has a massive sale on the 8- and 16-zone models.

Via:: USA Today Tech News


LED eyelashes are here. Are you ready?

Tired of the ordinary flash eyelashes? A Kickstarter campaign dubbed ‘F.Lashes’ has introduced bright and unique light up lashes!

Via:: USA Today Tech News

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