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Canon EOS 40D Review



Canon EOS 40D Review

Canon EOS 40DThis review is unlike most you have seen, this is a summary based on 227 Canon EOS 40D camera reviews from a wide range of buyers and users. Experience ranged from novices to serious amateurs to freelance photo-journalists and professional photographers. This will give you a much better idea of what to think about the Canon EOS 40D



Virtually all of the buyers were upgrading from other cameras. Some were upgrading from point and shoots. Some were upgrading from older film cameras. Many were upgrading from other Canon cameras such as the 10D, 20D, 30D or Digital Rebel. There were also some buyers making the transition from Nikon, citing a better lens selection for Canons. This we find rather interesting as usually when one picks either the Nikon or Canon line, people tend to stick with it so they do not have to replace all of their lenses. In this case though many appear to be making the switch even with the additional costs of replacement lenses.

Canon EOS 40D Camera Review: The Good

Image Quality. 85 buyers were most impressed with the sharp images and brilliant colors they were able to capture with this camera. Many compared them to cameras costing much more.

Speed. 67 buyers raved about the speed at which the camera was able to start up, shoot images and shut down. They particularly like the 6.5 frames-per-second rate allowing them to capture sequences and fast-action shots that previously eluded them. It also allowed them to capture extra portrait images to compensate for photos wrecked by closed eyes when people blink. One buyer noted that the large buffer allows for about 75 images taken non-stop at the 6.5 FPS rate. Another buyer noted that photos could be taken continuously when the camera was set at the 3 FPS rate.

User Friendly. 60 buyers commented on the intuitive controls. Those who were new to digital SLRs reported they could take great photos right out of the box with the controls set on automatic. More experienced users like the tabbed menu system which enables them to quickly find the settings they want. Buyers also like the software which allows for easy uploads to either Macs or PC’s and its compatibility with MS Vista.

Good Ergonomics. 56 buyers loved the “feel” of the Canon EOS 40D camera in their hands. They said the size and weight was just right… and it felt perfectly balanced, making it a joy to use.

3″ LCD Screen. 52 buyers specifically like the screen which is both larger and brighter than previous cameras they had owned. It makes viewing images and control settings much easier, especially in bright sunlight.

Bargain Price. 40 buyers liked the price of the Canon EOS 40D camera. They made comments like “professional quality at a reasonable price” or “best value they had ever seen”. One buyer noted that it was less expensive than the Canon 10D camera he bought five years ago.

Live View. 38 buyers commented on the live view feature, which allows 100% of the scene to be viewed from the LCD screen. Some noted that it was particularly useful when shooting in a crowd with your arms extended overhead or down low at ground level. Others liked using this feature with their tripods.

Versatility. 33 buyers were impressed with all the high-end functions and features on the Canon EOS 40D camera. Buyers especially liked the fact they can create custom settings for the types of photos they take frequently.

View Finder. 28 buyers reported that the view finder was both bigger and brighter than previous models. Buyers also like the ISO, aperture, and shutter speed settings were all displayed in the viewfinder. One buyer commented that this virtually eliminated shooting photos with the wrong settings.

EF 28 – 135 IS Standard Zoom Lens. 22 buyers thought this was a good utility or “walking around” lens. They like it for the image stabilizing feature and also for the big savings they get when they buy the kit.

Sensor Cleaning. 14 buyers commented favorably on the sensor cleaning mechanism which activates automatically when the Canon EOS 40D camera starts up or shuts down. One buyer mentioned this would minimize or eliminate having to send his camera off for cleaning. Another buyer liked the feature but preferred the manual setting which allows him to activate the cleaning function as needed.

1600 ISO 14 buyers mentioned the low noise at high ISO settings.

Autofocus. 13 buyers like the autofocus, commenting that it was faster and more accurate than previous models.

Good Battery. 10 buyers commented on the long life of the Lithium Ion battery that comes with the Canon EOS 40D camera.

Quality Construction. Nine buyers mentioned the solid magnesium body and what an improvement it is over plastic cameras they had owned. Other buyers mentioned the sound design of the battery and storage compartment doors.

Shutter Sound. Eight buyers liked the smooth and quiet sound of the mechanism taking images.

Other features buyers liked included the built-in flash, the second LCD screen on top of the camera, the chord for previewing images on your TV, and the manual which is provided in both English and Spanish.

Canon EOS 40D Camera Review: The Bad

LCD Resolution. 11 buyers had issues with the 3” screen. Some felt that it was too hard to see in bright sunlight, some didn’t like the smudges left on the screen by their nose or face, and some didn’t like the resolution.

EF 28 – 135 IS Standard Zoom Lens. Eight buyers didn’t like the kit lens. Mostly, they recommended going with one from the Canon “L” series instead.

Size. Six buyers said the camera was too big and/or too heavy.

Control Layout. Five buyers didn’t like the location of the on/off switch or other controls.

Poor Packing. Four buyers were not happy with the way the Canon EOS 40D camera was packed for shipping. They didn’t report any damage, but they said there should have been more packing material between the inner and outer boxes.

Poor Auto White Balance. Four buyers felt that the auto white balance wasn’t what it should be. However, one mentioned the white balance was fine when set manually.

Compatibility Issue. Three early buyers reported that some Adobe and Apple software didn’t support the raw image files from this camera. Another buyer reported the problems have since been solved with software updates from both Adobe and Apple.

No Remote Firing. Three buyers mentioned they wish the Canon EOS 40D camera had wireless infrared firing, like they had with other cameras.

Weak Manual. Three buyers felt the manual was poor and recommended the purchase of a third party book or DVD for better instruction.

Repairs Needed. Two of the 227 buyers reported that repairs were needed, but were covered by the warranty.

Other features that one or two buyers had issues with included: image quality, the menu system, too much noise at the higher ISO settings, poor auto-focus, inadequate flash, poor battery charge meter, and the fact that the viewfinder is not 100%. One buyer also felt the price was too high.

Canon EOS 40D  – The Bottom Line

Overall, the vast majority of buyers love their Canon EOS 40D camera. Of the 227 buyers, 93 percent gave it a four or five-star rating. Accessories recommended by some buyers include a 4GB memory card and a Canon Speedlite 580 EX ll flash attachment.


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