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How to Start a Podcast

 Podcasting, a term and concept that is indeed growing in popularity is a by which to distribute audio or video files. Podcasting actually came from the words broadcast and Ipod. The Ipod, a popular MP3 player has really helped to launch the popularity of the podcast.

Podcast are actually quite simple to begin and can very easily be dispensed over the Internet. Creating a podcast is as simple as recording a digital audio via your computer using an inexpensive microphone. Recording software is another tool that you will find useful in recording and editing your podcast. There are free versions such as Audacity available for download online.

After recording and editing your podcast you will need to make sure that you have enough space on your current hosting package to hold audios, but if not you can also purchase audio hosting from places online such as Audio Acrobat for a nominal fee.

Once you have your podcast online either on your own server or through a host, you will be able to broadcast it to the masses. Simply provide a player for the podcast on your website or a download link where others can download the file to their computer and listen to it right there on their computer or transfer it to a MP3 player such as an Ipod.

You can also make your podcast feed available through an RSS feed, which can be subscribed to and even added to the Itunes directory where others can easily locate your podcast and it will be automatically downloaded to their computer once made available.

Do not feel like you have to be an expert to start a podcast. If you are passionate about your business, something related to it or even a hobby or interest you can probably create a podcast about it.

A good way to see if you have enough knowledge and information for a podcast is to sit down and create a list of topics that you would like to cover via your podcast whether it be by talking about the topic yourself or finding an expert or other person to interview. The possibilities with a podcast are virtually endless.

There are podcasts out there on just about anything you can imagine, so do not be afraid to try your idea and gain the exposure that a podcast gives you.

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