Sunday, January 19, 2020

Tech News Today

Three teens killed after appearing on Facebook hit list

A mysterious hit list containing 69 names has appeared on Facebook. The names belong to teens in Puerto Asis, Colombia. So far, three teens on the list have been killed. Police are investigating who created the list and why.

Is your phone the wallet of the future?
Smartphones are central to several companies’ plans to make payments–either through mobile credit-card readers or by using the phone in place of a credit car

Ad firm sued over zombie cookies
An ad firm is being sued for allegedly distributing zombie cookies. These browser cookies are based on Flash and come back after being deleted. Several other companies have been sued for the same practice

Apple’s iPod, iTunes event September 1
Apple makes it official: the much-talked about music, iPod, iTunes, and possible Apple TV event takes place in San Francisco next Wednesday

New Kindle is selling fast
Amazon said Wednesday that its latest Kindle e-reader is the top selling item on Amazon hasn’t released any sales numbers.




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