Sunday, January 19, 2020

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Angry Digg users flood home page with Reddit links
Longtime users express frustration with dramatic changes made to the social-news site, attempting to carpet-bomb the front page with links to a rival site

USB security threat grows

More viruses are relying on USB gadgets to spread. Flash drives and MP3 players are examples. About 48 percent of small and medium businesses reported being infected. And 27 percent of those say the infection came through an infected USB gadget

Office Web Apps: Can it replace desktop Office?
If you were to replace desktop Office applications with online Office Web Apps for quick, simple academic or office tasks, how easy is it to survive on the web versions of Office alone

Microsoft Co-Founder Sues Apple, Google, Others Over Patents
I find it kind of depressing that we don’t hear about people these days unless they’re doing something controversial. I mean, I know Paul Allen wasn’t exactly missing, but he’d been pretty quiet. Now he’s busy suing, I think, everyone because they may be using technology his old company created during the dot-com bubble. More happy details in this report

AMD to retire ATI branding
AMD plans to get rid of the ATI branding on its graphics cards

Rootkit goes 64-bit
A rootkit that caused problems earlier this year is back. It can now affect machines running 64-bit Windows. It gets past anti-rootkit measures by infecting the hard drive’s master boot record. This makes it extremely difficult to detect. It’s best to intercept rootkits before they get on your system.

Boxee Updates, Adds Movie Libraries for Streaming Films
Streaming movies is no longer remarkable. If you deliver television content of any sort to, well, TVs, this is expected. Thanks for getting on board, Boxee

Quicken Online closes for good; migration to Mint is less than ideal
Quicken Online has officially made its way into the history books, welcoming Mint to replace it, as of the weekend.

Cnet asks if Apple can maintain iPod’s relevance?
It’s one of the many questions we have leading up to Wednesday’s Apple music event. We look at what will happen to the iPod lineup, what’s next for iTunes on the Web, and the chances of seeing an improved Apple TV.

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