Sunday, October 20, 2019

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Apple’s iPad goes to campus: A look at the opportunities, hurdles
A bevy of universities have Apple iPad pilots underway. Here’s a look at the bandwidth requirements and other moving parts involved with supporting an influx of iPads

Cars going increasingly high-tech
Manufacturers are adding more technology to cars. Some cars integrate with gadgets like smart phones for streaming music. The technology may also make driving safer. For example, camera systems can detect pedestrians and activate the brakes

Here Come the iPad Killers
Apple has enjoyed nine months or so of a relatively uncrowded marketplace for tablet computers, but that’s about to change. A spate of new tablets is moving in; some iPad competitors will arrive as early as this month

Wi-Fi security not taken seriously
A recent test of Wi-Fi security found that 50 percent of Wi-Fi networks are unsafe. A quarter didn’t even have encryption enabled. The test also showed that users don’t take precautions on public networks.

2010 Top Scary Trends in Tech
Yes, it’s Halloween season of 2010, and our "fearless" editors have asked upon the ZDNet contributors to come up with "Scary Tech." Here it is.

Steam-powered computer closer to reality
A campaign to build a steam-powered computer is gaining ground. More than 1,600 people have donated money to the project. Charles Babbage designed the computer in 1837. But no complete model was ever built.

Will the new MacBook Air be underpowered?
Rumors surfaced over the weekend that Apple might announce a new MacBook Air at this week’s special event on Wednesday — but if it still has a Core 2 Duo, I’m not buying.

Celebrity stalkers get a helpful Website
A new Website that tracks celebrities is launching. It pulls celebrities’ location information from Twitter and other sources. This lets users see where celebrities are around the globe. The site has raised some concerns about celebrity safety

Angry Birds comes to Android
The hugely popular iPhone game Angry Birds is coming to Android phones. The first version will be free, thanks to advertising support. A paid, ad-free version will be available later.

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