Monday, November 18, 2019

Tech News Today

Steve Jobs to take medical leave
Apple CEO Steve Jobs will be taking a medical leave of absence. Jobs announced his upcoming leave in a company memo. He will still be involved in Apple’s strategic decisions. COO Tim Cook will handle the day-to-day operations

With medical leave, more questions about Jobs’ successor
As Tim Cook once again steps up during an absence by Steve Jobs, it’s clear that–in the short term, at least–Apple investors have confidence in him. But that doesn’t settle the long-term worries.

New York Times: Stuxnet worm tested in Israel
Israel and the United States reportedly created the Stuxnet worm. According to the New York Times, an Israeli nuclear facility was used to test the worm. The worm was used recently against Iran’s nuclear facilities.

Has ‘4G’ lost its meaning?
All four major U.S. wireless carriers say they offer 4G wireless broadband services. But none of their networks meets the standard requirements.

Banker gives WikiLeaks long list of tax-evaders
A former Swiss banker has given WikiLeaks the names of 2,000 tax-evading individuals and firms. The banker says he wants the world to know about the system’s corruption.

Facebook backtracks on apps grabbing address, cell number
In a quick about-face, the social network is temporarily disabling a new tweak that gave third-party apps the ability to record someone’s address and cell number.




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