Monday, November 18, 2019

Tech News Today

What the Comcast-NBC deal means to you (FAQ)
Should one huge company be allowed to both create and deliver the content that consumers watch? We look how the union affects Hulu, cable rates, local programming, and more.

3-D push continues despite adverse effects
Researchers say that nearly a quarter of viewers have negative side effects from 3-D. These side effects can include eyestrain and dizziness. In spite of the effects, manufacturers are still pushing 3-D technology.

New Dragontrail glass is six-times stronger than regular glass
Japan’s largest glassmaker announced a new super-strong glass. Dragontrail is six-times stronger than normal glass. The company says its intended use is for smart phones, tablets and TVs. Scratching your LCD is normally a reason to panic

Playboy Uncensored iPad App? Wrong.
Typical. Steve Jobs takes his liver on vacation and all hell breaks loose. An uncensored Playboy app? Has the world gone mad?

Larry Page as Google CEO: His top 5 challenges
On the surface, the changing of Google executive roles looks harmless. But new Google CEO Larry Page will have some challenges ahead. Welcome to the world of CEO.

Courts: Online privacy no protection for libel
Court cases around the country are holding that online privacy can be neglected in court. Several cases have allowed the use of IP addresses to track down anonymous posters. Typically, the cases have involved anonymous posts that are libelous

Google readies Groupon competitor
After being rebuffed in a buyout offer for social-buying market leader Groupon, the Internet giant is working on a daily-deals competitor called Google Offers.

Google ready for action against content farms
Your search complaints have been heard: Google plans to take further action against "content farms," although it’s not ready to detail specific methods




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