Sunday, May 26, 2019

More signs of the evil that is our Google overlord

Google spent a lot of time convincing us that their motto of “Do no Evil” was real. now our overlords continue to defy the common myth of that motto with their actions.

Now Google is blocking torrent searches from instant results, because you know that is like the worst thing on the internet.

Here are some they do allow in their autocomplete and instant search:

how to kidn returns how to kidnap someone or how to kidnap the presidents daughter

Snap_2011.01.31 22.30.44_002

steal fr brings up how to steal from Walmart or Target because of course they are our corporate overlords and its ok to steal from walmart because everyone hates walmart

Snap_2011.01.31 22.31.36_003

Our favorite is when our friends at Google help us make methamphetamine as all the better to help them become skynet if we are all too stoned to care.

Snap_2011.01.31 22.32.18_004

This however is completely unacceptable:

Snap_2011.01.31 22.33.44_006


Do no evil my ass.


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