Friday, September 20, 2019

Tech News Today

Amazon streams free movies to Prime members
The online retailer will comp Prime members video-streaming access to 5,000 movies. This is just one of the ways Amazon can challenge Netflix.

Libya turns off Internet as protests continue
Political unrest in North Africa is spreading. Just like Egypt did earlier this month, Libya has cut off Internet access. Despite the lack of Internet, thousands of Libyan citizens are still protesting in the streets

iPad 2 delayed until June?
Research note from Taiwanese brokerage firm claims that production problems will push the iPad 2’s launch date two months past its currently anticipated April debut.

Most Web browsers vulnerable to attack
Researchers have found that 80 percent of browsers are vulnerable to hacking. That’s because most users don’t install necessary patches

Android: The Open Mobile Choice
If you want real programming freedom on mobile you need to write for Android. Both Apple and Microsoft have made it clear they want to have as little as possible to do with free and open-source software.

Mobile gaming big focus at Mobile World Congress
The 2011 Mobile World Congress ended last week. During the event, loads of upcoming mobile technology was introduced. One that seemed to garner a lot of attention was mobile gaming

Scientists: solar flares pose serious threat
We’ll see a dramatic rise in solar flares over the next decade. Scientists warn that they could be catastrophic. They say that the technology we use is very sensitive to these phenomena




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