Tuesday, February 19, 2019

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AT&T to introduce data caps on DSL
AT&T plans to limit broadband usage to 150GB and 250GB on its DSL and U-verse broadband services, as the carrier clamps down on heavy data users, who it claims use a disproportionate amount of bandwidth.

AOL to slash workforce
AOL is about to cut about 1,000 jobs from its workforce of 5,000. The 20 percent trim highlights AOL’s struggle to earn profits

Apple iPad 2 sales: New customers buying; Analysts see big launch
The launch of Apple’s iPad 2 is being billed as one of the largest ever and analysts are noting that the majority of buyers didn’t own the tablet previously.

Light leak, yellowing affecting some iPad 2 users
Two issues that have cropped up in past Apple products are appearing for some iPad 2 owners, including light leaking from the bezel, as well as discoloration on the screen

Google responds to tragedy in Japan
Google has launched a page to help with the recent tragedy in Japan. The Crisis Response page helps visitors locate their loved ones in Japan. It also provides important information about the situation in Japan.

Microsoft pushes back phone update
Microsoft is postponing an update for its Windows Phone 7 software. The update was intended to bring copy-and-paste functionality to its phones. Microsoft says that it is holding off on the update to ensure quality

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