Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Tech News Today

Mozilla mirroring Chrome’s fast, phased releases
Lighting a fire under its browser development process, Mozilla expects a cascade of gradually maturing Firefox versions will bring new features to users faster.

U.S. military to create fake Facebook profiles
A military operation to manipulate social networks has been revealed. It would use software to create fake online users, or sock puppets. Military personnel would control the fake users and spread pro-American messages

New York Times to charge for Web content again
The New York Times will once again charge for readers to access its content. By the end of March, users will get access to 20 articles per month. Once the

Microsoft and feds bring down spam giant Rustock
A raid, triggered by a Microsoft lawsuit, neutralized the massive spamming network last week.

Amazon in price war with Google over Android apps
Amazon has announced that it is planning to launch its very own Android App store. And AndroidNews got a sneak peek at the, as yet, unlaunched store and uncovered evidence that Amazon is planning to engage in a price war with Google?s Android Market

Amazon’s looming state tax headache: Could Prime offset a worst case scenario?
Amazon’s tax battle with cash-strapped states continues and the various skirmishes could take years to resolve. The big question is what happens to Amazon in a worst-case scenario where it has to collect sales taxes in every state

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