Wednesday, July 15, 2020

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Microsoft gobbles up IP addresses
Microsoft has purchased more than 650,000 IP addresses for $7.5 million. That’s about $11 a piece. Microsoft hopes to get as many IPv4 addresses as possible before they become unavailable.

Google, Yahoo, Skype targeted in attack linked to Iran
Ingenious attack traced to Iranian networks led to fraudulent digital certificates that could impersonate major Web sites including Google, Yahoo, and Skype.


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2010: The year Apple also became a chip company
The market share numbers for chipmakers Intel and Advanced Micro Devices changed little in 2010. But the entry of Apple into the market is proving to be highly disruptive

Red Hat: Nearing $1 billion in revenue; Not bad for free software
Red Hat delivered a strong fourth quarter and is on track to be the first pure play open source company to hit $1 billion in annual revenue

Google not ready to share Honeycomb source code
The source code for Google’s Android 3.0, the tablet version of the OS known as Honeycomb, will only be shared with a specific few hardware partners, the company said

Open source’s UI handicap explains Google’s Honeycomb move
Google is reportedly holding back Android 3.0 Honeycomb code from open source developers in a move that’s causing a good bit of angst. Can open source do UI

Zombie PC Prevention Bill to make security software mandatory
South Korea’s recently proposed Zombie PC Prevention Bill, aims to fight botnets with common sense – by making security software mandatory on users’ PCs.




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