Saturday, February 16, 2019

Tech News Today

20 Years of Linux down, and the best is yet to come
The movers and shakers of Linux gather in San Francisco to celebrate Linux’s 20th anniversary and to look to its future.

YouTube to drop $100 million for original content
Google is planning to spend $100 million to create original programming for YouTube. YouTube will get dedicated channels for this new programming. Some of these channels are expected to get several hours of new content per week.


Recertified: Western Digital Elements 1TB USB 2.0 Desktop External Hard Drive WDBAAU0010HBK – $39.99 at, expires 4/11

Federal Web sites may go dark in shutdown
Any noncritical federal Web site should display a notice that it "is unavailable" during a shutdown, White House says. will likely stay up.

Google, DOJ sign deal to approve ITA acquisition
The Web giant comes to terms with trustbusters over its plans to buy travel data company ITA, agreeing to compete fairly and abide by other rules

Google’s Chrome OS for tablets: More confusion for Android army?
Google’s source code indicates that the company is working on a tablet version of the Chrome OS and such a move could confuse the Android army, which has banked on Honeycomb.

Scientists create thought-controlled computer
Scientists have developed new technology that reads your thoughts. The device uses electrodes on your brain to understand what you’re thinking. This could eventually help those who’ve lost the ability to speak.




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