Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Tech News Today

Britain makes major security blunder
Britain’s Ministry of Defence accidentally posted sensitive information to the Web. A report it uploaded was improperly redacted. It revealed secret information about Britain’s nuclear-powered submarines.

Seagate agrees to buy Samsung’s drive business
In the $1.38 billion transaction, Seagate gets Samsung’s hard-drive unit, Samsung gets a stake in Seagate, and the hard-drive industry consolidates even more.

Why Google should acquire Pandora
Pandora possesses an audience, recognized brand, and an established advertising business. If Google acquired the Web radio service, it wouldn’t have to negotiate music licenses or start from scratch.

Intel: Messy quarter ahead, PC worries abound
Intel will report its first quarter results and they are expected to be messy on many fronts. The company had Sandy Bridge chipset woes, closed two acquisitions and is facing a slowdown in PC sales.

Apple sues Samsung for ‘copying’ smartphones, tablets
In what could prove to be a landmark intellectual property case, Apple has sued Samsung for allegedly copying intellectual property in making its own products like smartphones and tablet computers.




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