Sunday, May 26, 2019

Google Music Leaves Beta, introduces music purchasing to Android shop and gives independent artists a boost


Google announced Wednesday the launch of a new music service in partnership with three major record companies, a service that will compete directly with Apple and Amazon to sell music directly to consumers and allow them to access songs from any PC or Android-based mobile device, but goes a step farther by allowing users to share tracks with friends through the Google+ social network. Sharing is limited to one listen of each track with their friends.

Pricing is in line with Apple at .99 cents a track.

Possibly the most interesting thing they announced was to become basically a label of their own called Google Music Artist Hub for independent artists. The DIY-like software allows virtually anyone to sell and price their music on Google’s storefront. Musicians selling tunes through the service will keep 70 percent of their set list price, forfeiting the other 30 to the Android giant.

This service will give independent artists the exact same look and feel as the big guys have including the preview and sharing services.


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