Monday, August 26, 2019

Google wants your data and will pay you to get it

Google is willing to pay anyone 25.00 if they will give up their privacy for a few months. They are now offering a 5 dollar Amazon gift card to anyone who will sign up and download the company’s new Google Screenwise browser extension. Another 5 dollar gift card is awarded for every three months that the tracking browser extension remains active. Google says its goal is to learn more about how people use the Internet beyond Google properties.

I cannot imagine anyone giving up their privacy for a year and a half for 25 bucks, but interest has been so high that they are overwhelmed by interest and have already cut off participation after just one day. It may come back if you are interested for some reason if you visit the screenwise page here.

The more interesting part of the project is that the page already has 6200 +1’s so what do we know. It appears you are all for sale, for a very very low price.


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