Saturday, April 21, 2018

Exploring the Mirror Link Between Two Geometric Worlds

Decades after stumbling upon a stunning coincidence, researchers are close to understanding the link between two seemingly unrelated geometric universes.

Via:: Wired News


How to get last-minute tax help and track your refund

The April 17 tax deadline is looming. Some new technology can help with last-minute questions.

Via:: USA Today Tech News


Russia Bans Telegram, China’s Facial Recognition, and More Security News This Week

Russia bans popular encrypted chat app Telegram, China’s facial recognition system flexes, and more security news this week.

Via:: Wired News


Hollywood Should Make Movies That Grapple with Gamergate

‘Ready Player One’ isn’t that movie.

Via:: Wired News


Facebook's Zuckerberg got grilled, but nothing's really changed

Bottom line: the social network still profits from your data

Via:: USA Today Tech News


Space Photos of the Week: Morning Light Hits the Southern Lights

Unearthly celestial events, Martian craters, and Jovian storms.

Via:: Wired News


Best Weekend Tech Deals: LG OLED, Kindle, Alienware, Megaboom

No matter if you’re looking for a Kindle or an OLED TV, we’ve got what you’re looking for this weekend.

Via:: Wired News


Diamond and Silk Expose Facebook’s Burden of Moderation

The social network’s battle with a pair of conservative bloggers show that for the ultimate amplifier, moderation is a necessary game it can’t win.

Via:: Wired News


Chilling police footage shows YouTube shooter in her car hours before shooting

In the video, Nasim Aghdam tells officers she doesn’t have want to hurt herself or anyone else.

Via:: USA Today Tech News


Within Facebook, a Sense of Relief Over the Zuckerberg Hearings

Facebook employees watched the hearings closely, and were pleased by what they saw.

Via:: Wired News

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