Monday, September 28, 2020

Yes, IE8 users, you need that new security update

Microsoft issued a security update for Internet Explorer today ahead of the normally scheduled release on Patch Tuesday, April 13. Out-of-band updates are relatively rare, and reserved for vulnerabilities that are are being actively exploited. If you have Internet Explorer, here’s why you need it.


JooJoo tablet pounded into oblivion by the iPad

It seems that Fusion Garage, the company behind the JooJoo web tablet, might have done Michael Arrington and TechCrunch a favor after all when it decided to go it alone. Court documents show that the web tablet attracted only 90 pre-orders.


Novell owns Unix copyrights, not SCO

The long legal nightmare of open source may be well and truly over.


Intel expects latest Xeon to fuel up to 1m aging server upgrades…

Intel this morning introduced a high performance microprocessor for server applications claiming it can do the work of 20 older servers. The latest Xeon 7500 processor comes at a critical time for the IT industry as spending seems to be increasing after a long period of frozen IT budgets. Data centers have begun to accumulate large numbers of aging servers which brings an increased risk of failures affecting business operations for many large corporations. Intel said that there are as many as 1 million servers that need to be replaced. The Xeon 7500 has the capacity to replace the computing power of 20 single core servers, while using far less electric power — a key constraint for many data centers….


When is an employer allowed to read your email?

Is email privileged when you communicate with your lawyer using employer-supplied laptop? Two cases, two different outcomes.


Star Trek Death Rates, Alien Women, and Web Analytics with Matt Bailey


The moral of the story apparently is do not beam down with Captain Kirk unless he is going to get some strange Alien Woman. Somehow this compares to web analytics, but I sure as heck cant figure it out.

In this fascinating and hilarious video interview, Matt Bailey explains how segmenting web analytics data before analysis can help a marketer figure out what is really going on with the various types of customers who visit a website.

And that less red shirts dies when Kirk gets some.


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Why the iPad will change everything


The iPad will change the way you use computers, read books, and watch TV—as long as you’re willing to do it the Steve Jobs way….more


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Wi-Fi by the Hour Now Available for iPad ( |


$1.99 an hour huh. Haven’t any of these people ever heard of coffee shops? – Good news for people who are springing for the cheaper Wi-Fi edition of the iPad due out this Saturday. Wi-Fi service provider Boingo to.…read more…

Wi-Fi by the Hour Now Available for iPad ( |


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Introducing the comprehensive search engine for Computer Nutz

Try our new specialized computer news search engine. Specially designed with computer nutz in mind, it searches the best computing sites on the web. Feel like we are missing a site? Let us know in the comments, and we will continue to add sites to make it the most comprehensive computing search on the net

Just click on search the web and give it a try.



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