Friday, January 19, 2018

Tech News Today

BP promises to stop altering images

BP posted images to its site to show its response to the Gulf oil spill. It turns out the images were doctored. One image was altered to show more activity in a command center. The other image made a stationery helicopter appear to fly.

Girl reports attempted rape using Facebook

A 12-year-old girl used Facebook to report an attempted rape. The attacker had taken away her phone. But the girl used an iPod to access Facebook. She was able to get a message to her mother. Her mother called the police

Does Microsoft have a secret weapon for Windows Phone 7?

Microsoft got a lot of attention yesterday for its Oprah-style announcement that every employee will get a new Windows Phone this fall

Critical Safari privacy flaw revealed

Security researches have revealed a critical privacy flaw in Safari. Hackers can exploit Safari’s form auto-fill function using malicious Web code. This makes it easy to steal personal information

iPad app could revolutionize magazines

The free iPad app Flipboard was released this week. It pulls links from the user’s Facebook and Twitter friends. The linked pages are rendered in magazine format. The content constantly changes as new links are added

Earning extra money from home

Money is tight for most people right now. Making a few extra bucks sounds tempting. So, how can you make extra money from home without getting scammed?


Tech News Today

Facebook’s ownership in dispute

Mark Zuckerberg’s previous employer is claiming an 84-percent stake in Facebook. The former employer allegedly provided start-up capital. He says he has a signed contract that could give him control of Facebook

Google Editions coming soon

Google is preparing a new e-book service. It will offer millions of current and out-of-print books. The service can be accessed from any Internet-capable gadget. No launch date is set.

New music chart system debuts

Big Champagne has just launched the Ultimate Chart. This tracks music’s popularity beyond traditional music sales. It includes digital sales, online presence and music video views

MS ships temporary ‘fix-it’ for Windows shortcut zero-day attacks

Microsoft has released a "fix-it" tool as a stop-gap to block ongoing zero-day attacks against a new code execution flaw in Windows Shell


Deal of the Day

Imation USB Apollo Hard Drive 500GB

image     Apollo UX Portable Hard Drive offers high-capacity mobile storage for data, photos, presentations, videos and music in a pocket-sized device that is lightweight, stylish and extremely durable. Fully USB 2.0 powered and does not require an additional power supply. A blue indicator visually shows when data transfer is in …

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Tech News Today


Blogging site closed over terrorist material

Blogging site Blogetery has been shut down by its Web host. The FBI contacted the Web host about al-Qaeda information on the site. Some blogs allegedly contained bomb-making instructions and a hit list.

Dvorak: Antennagate? Who Cares?!

Columnist John C. Dvorak just doesn’t understand all of the to-do surrounding the iPhone 4’s "death grip" antenna problem. Must have something to do with super-secret meditation techniques

Why Android 2.2 Should Scare Apple

The new version of Android is arguably the most important since the mobile operating system’s launch, and it delivers functionality that could rival Apple’s iOS 4. Now the real battle between Android and iOS has started. Here are 10 reasons why Apple should worry about Android 2.2

Microsoft says Windows 7 Service Pack 1 due in first half 2011

Many of the Microsoft watchers and customers I know have been expecting Microsoft to ship the first service pack (SP) for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 before the end of 2010

Google gives image search a new look

Google gives image search a new look Google has given its image search a new look Tuesday in hopes of helping people weed through the vast number of images to find what they’re seeking.


Site of the Day: Red Studio

Red Studio developed by The Museum of Modern Art in collaboration with high school students, explores issues and questions raised by teens about modern art and today’s working artists.

Visit Red Studio


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Tech News Today

Microsoft prices Kinect at $149, adds 4GB console

Microsoft finally reveals the price of its Kinect accessory, as well as unveils a new version of its console that replaces the Arcade system bundle with a machine that packs 4GB of built-in flash memory

Malicious ads increasing online

Malicious ads have skyrocketed from 2 percent to 20 percent per site. This is because social networks are using more ads. Experts criticize the ad industry for a lack of regulation.

Details on Windows security flaw published

More details have emerged about a recently discovered security flaw in Windows. Shortcut files can run malicious code without user interaction. The attack can be launched from any folder on a computer. Microsoft has not released a fix yet

Google drops Nexus One

Google is stopping sales of its Nexus One smart phone. It hasn’t sold well compared to the iPhone and Droid smart phones. Google’s Android software will still be available on other phones. And the Nexus One will still be available for Android developers

Nokia and RIM fire back at Apple

Nokia and BlackBerry manufacturer RIM are unhappy with Steve Jobs’ recent iPhone 4 press conference. They dispute Jobs’ claim that antenna issues are an industry-wide problem. The antenna problems are exclusive to the iPhone, they say.


Freeware Pick: Microsoft Security Essentials

Never pay for antivirus again. Microsoft has come up with a fantastic antivirus utility that is free, small, and just works well. Pretty amazing from Microsoft. The standalone antivirus product Microsoft Security Essentials has caused a stir, as might be expected when the words "Microsoft" and "free" are involved. We have tested the final product, and overall MSE looks good when compared to other Security Suites.

  • License: Free
  • Operating Systems: Windows XP,Windows Vista,Windows Server 2003,Windows 7
  • Get Microsoft Security Essentials


    Tech News Today

    New security flaw discovered in Windows

    A new Windows vulnerability has appeared and is being exploited. It relies on USB drives to spread. It takes advantage of how Windows handles shortcut links.

    Privacy a concern on social networks

    A recent survey studied concerns about privacy among social networkers. It found that half of Americans are concerned about privacy on social networks. People over the age of 60 are more concerned than younger users.

    Teens embrace digital communication

    The number of teens relying on online and text communication is skyrocketing. Recent studies show that over 70 percent of teens primarily communicate with text messaging. And 73 percent are on a social networking Website.

    Laptop vs. Netbook vs. Smart Phone: Five things to consider

    More people want to use computers on the go. Fortunately, there are a lot of options. But that can make it hard to decide what to buy.

    Intel ramping up production of new Sandy Bridge CPUs

    Still haven’t upgraded your Core Duo or even your Pentium 4 system yet? If you want to jump straight to Intel’s latest and greatest for your next PC, you may want to skip the current generation.


    Wallpaper Pick: Cool Water

    It is amazing how well water and a beautiful woman on a stark background can go together. One of the nicest pieces we have seen in a while.

    Desktop Nexus: Wallpapers > People Wallpapers > Other WallpaperNote: Cross posted from



    Tech News Today


    Bing Beckons Google News Haters
    Google is getting a lot of vitriolic backlash from users over its June 30 revamp of Google News. Many users of the Google Web service are angry that some customization features were disposed of, and some are turning to Microsoft’s Bing News or Yahoo News to tailor the news they’re seeing to their interest

    Microsoft keeps eye on Bing’s growth chart

    Even if it isn’t aiming for a profit from the search unit this year, Redmond is looking for Bing to make more than baby steps in its second year.

    Mom starts matchmaking Website for son

    Geri Brin wants to help her single son find a wife. So she started a matchmaking Website. Mothers can post details about single relatives. And they can find information about singles in their area. For those who just must meddle.

    Facebook comes to Outlook

    Microsoft has unveiled support for Facebook in Outlook. It can be added with Outlook’s Social Connector extension. Information about e-mail contacts will be pulled from Facebook. This includes pictures and status updates

    Facebook’s competitive advantage

    All Things Digital’s Kara Swisher talks to David Kirkpatrick, author of "The Facebook Effect," about why the company is now the No. 1 social network.


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