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High-profile hacker arrested in Slovenia

A cyber mastermind was recently arrested in Slovenia. He was linked to the creation of the malicious Mariposa botnet. Police arrested some of the Mariposa hackers months ago in Spain. They are tracking down other participating hackers.

No-track list a possibility

The FTC is considering creating a no-track list for online advertising. This would let computer users opt-out of targeted ads. This could take the form of a browser plug-in.

Researcher collects data on 100 million Facebook users

A security researcher devised a program that collected data on 100 million Facebook users. The data was released in a file online. The researcher says it highlights Facebook’s privacy issues. Only publicly available data was collected

Apple fixes Safari bugs

Apple just released 15 patches for the Safari browser. Fixed flaws include the recently disclosed auto-fill vulnerability. This was to be discussed today by hackers at the DefCon conference. Apple also enabled extensions by default

Britain’s oldest Tweeter passes away

Ivy Bean passed away this week. At 104, she was Britain’s oldest Twitter-user. Her death was announced on Twitter by her care-giver. When she was born, telegraphs were the prevalent form of communication


Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty Review

image StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty brings players back to the sci-fi world they’ve been pining over for more than a decade, and it doesn’t disappoint.

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty ($59.99 list) needs little introduction, as it’s one of the most highly anticipated video game sequels of all time. Now that it’s hit retail shelves, fans can breathe a sigh of relief, as there are no more pushbacks and murky, hinted-at release dates; the second part of the epic real-time strategy trilogy (RTS) is here.

Four years after the events chronicled in the original StarCraft, we find our hero, Jim Raynar, still fighting the good fight against the Dominion (a tyrannical human government) that rules the galaxy’s outer planets with an iron fist. The Zerg (a primitive, but ruthless insect-like army) are now on the run as Terran (human) forces pick off their dwindling numbers—but little do the Terrans know that the Zerg are merely playing possum. As the Zerg finally spring their attack, Jim Raynar and company must deal with Dominion forces, Zerg infestations, and Protoss (a psionic race of humanoid alien) relations.

One thing Blizzard does well is make immersive, addicting titles. StarCraft II fits the bill. It’s an RTS game through and through; you oversee offense, defense, and various stages of production of military units. The best part is there’s no one set strategy that guarantees success; you have to be able to adapt to the changing conditions of the mission and the environment.

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Tech News Today

Hulu’s estimated viewership drops

Online measuring companies are still working out how to track Website viewership. Recent formula changes have affected a number of media sites. Hulu dropped in popularity from number two to number 10

Facebook helps catch murder suspect

A suspect in a string of robberies and murders was just apprehended. The suspect was Facebook friends with a victim’s daughter. A family friend gave the suspect’s profile photo to police. Witnesses identified the suspect from the photo.

Microsoft calls Google-Yahoo search pact in Japan anticompetitive

Microsoft is none too pleased about a newly minted four-year search pact between Google and Yahoo in Japan


The Best Windows 7 Downloads from PCWorld

The Best Windows 7 Downloads

We’re big fans of Microsoft’s latest OS, but we’re bigger fans of making Windows better–so we’ve rounded up the best Windows 7 downloads. They’ll let you customize it in any way possible, give it features that Microsoft removed or neglected to include, and more. So get ready to download–you’re about to take Windows 7 to a new level

The Best Windows 7 Downloads


Tech News Today

The Internet’s addresses will run out shortly

All four billion Internet Protocol (IP) addresses will be in use within a year. This will limit access to the Internet for many gadgets. And some Websites will quit working. There is a solution, but it isn’t being adopted quickly (editors note: This has been being said for ten years now ten years ago we only had 6 months left before we ran out of addresses)

Is there such a thing as good hackers?

Tech companies are struggling to deal with "gray hat" hackers. These hackers fall between "black hat" (disruptive) and "white hat" (helpful) hackers. "Gray hat" hackers are unpredictable, which makes them harder to handle.

What the iPhone-jailbreaking ruling means (FAQ)

The practical impact of a new Digital Millennium Copyright Act ruling may be limited because Apple’s end user contract still restricts jailbreaking

Apple refreshes Mac Pro, iMac lineup

Apple has refreshed its Mac Pro and iMac line with the latest Intel processors


Tech News Today

Some brands refuse digital distribution

Some brands and products still aren’t available online. That includes the Beatles’ albums, Harry Potter and some popular magazines. That is because their managers don’t see the economic advantage.

Samsung exploits iPhone 4 issues

Samsung is offering unhappy iPhone 4 users a free Galaxy S phone. The users are being targeted based on Twitter posts

Barbie gets a video camera

Mattel has released the Barbie Video Girl Doll. The doll has an embedded digital video camera. It can shoot 30 minutes of Webcam-quality video. The video can be previewed on the doll’s LCD screen. Or it can be transferred to a computer.

How can India build a $35 tablet? More details emerge

It’s not exactly a $35 pipe dream, but this is starting to sound an awful lot like OLPC, circa 2006


Tech News Today

BP promises to stop altering images

BP posted images to its site to show its response to the Gulf oil spill. It turns out the images were doctored. One image was altered to show more activity in a command center. The other image made a stationery helicopter appear to fly.

Girl reports attempted rape using Facebook

A 12-year-old girl used Facebook to report an attempted rape. The attacker had taken away her phone. But the girl used an iPod to access Facebook. She was able to get a message to her mother. Her mother called the police

Does Microsoft have a secret weapon for Windows Phone 7?

Microsoft got a lot of attention yesterday for its Oprah-style announcement that every employee will get a new Windows Phone this fall

Critical Safari privacy flaw revealed

Security researches have revealed a critical privacy flaw in Safari. Hackers can exploit Safari’s form auto-fill function using malicious Web code. This makes it easy to steal personal information

iPad app could revolutionize magazines

The free iPad app Flipboard was released this week. It pulls links from the user’s Facebook and Twitter friends. The linked pages are rendered in magazine format. The content constantly changes as new links are added

Earning extra money from home

Money is tight for most people right now. Making a few extra bucks sounds tempting. So, how can you make extra money from home without getting scammed?


Tech News Today

Facebook’s ownership in dispute

Mark Zuckerberg’s previous employer is claiming an 84-percent stake in Facebook. The former employer allegedly provided start-up capital. He says he has a signed contract that could give him control of Facebook

Google Editions coming soon

Google is preparing a new e-book service. It will offer millions of current and out-of-print books. The service can be accessed from any Internet-capable gadget. No launch date is set.

New music chart system debuts

Big Champagne has just launched the Ultimate Chart. This tracks music’s popularity beyond traditional music sales. It includes digital sales, online presence and music video views

MS ships temporary ‘fix-it’ for Windows shortcut zero-day attacks

Microsoft has released a "fix-it" tool as a stop-gap to block ongoing zero-day attacks against a new code execution flaw in Windows Shell


Deal of the Day

Imation USB Apollo Hard Drive 500GB

image     Apollo UX Portable Hard Drive offers high-capacity mobile storage for data, photos, presentations, videos and music in a pocket-sized device that is lightweight, stylish and extremely durable. Fully USB 2.0 powered and does not require an additional power supply. A blue indicator visually shows when data transfer is in …

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Tech News Today


Blogging site closed over terrorist material

Blogging site Blogetery has been shut down by its Web host. The FBI contacted the Web host about al-Qaeda information on the site. Some blogs allegedly contained bomb-making instructions and a hit list.

Dvorak: Antennagate? Who Cares?!

Columnist John C. Dvorak just doesn’t understand all of the to-do surrounding the iPhone 4’s "death grip" antenna problem. Must have something to do with super-secret meditation techniques

Why Android 2.2 Should Scare Apple

The new version of Android is arguably the most important since the mobile operating system’s launch, and it delivers functionality that could rival Apple’s iOS 4. Now the real battle between Android and iOS has started. Here are 10 reasons why Apple should worry about Android 2.2

Microsoft says Windows 7 Service Pack 1 due in first half 2011

Many of the Microsoft watchers and customers I know have been expecting Microsoft to ship the first service pack (SP) for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 before the end of 2010

Google gives image search a new look

Google gives image search a new look Google has given its image search a new look Tuesday in hopes of helping people weed through the vast number of images to find what they’re seeking.

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