Tuesday, March 20, 2018

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Craigslist removes Adult Services section
Craigslist has taken down its Adult Services section. This is in response to pressure from 17 state attorneys general. They believe this move will hamper prostitution and child trafficking. Other observers aren’t so optimistic

Apple’s new social network deluged by spam
Apple just launched the Ping social network, along with iTunes 10. The service is already brimming with spammers. Most are advertising free iPhones. Ping has a user-verification system, but only basic spam-filtering abilities

iPad competitors lining up
Starting this fall and stretching into early next year, big-name gadget and PC makers are readying their own touch-screen tablets

Google TV to launch this fall
Google has announced that its TV service will premier in the fall. This will stream online TV to supported digital gadgets for free. Hardware makers are already signing up to support the service.

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Tech News Today

Company logos appearing on Google Maps
Google is launching a new paid advertising service. Companies place their logo at their address on Google Maps. This makes them easier to find. Google says an algorithm will keep the map from getting cluttered

Toshiba debuts Android-powered Folio 100 tablet
Another Android-based rival to Apple’s iPad is unveiled at the IFA show in Berlin. Here’s a hands-on look at the tablet and Toshiba’s AC100 Android Netbook

Apple’s Music Event: 10 Big Questions and the Answers
This week’s Apple music event was packed with product and service announcements, and for each one, a new question arose. I compiled all my top queries and–to be helpful–crafted just as many answers

Hands on with iTunes Ping
One of the most startling announcements was Ping, the new social network for music. It took PCMag a little while to download it, but now we have a complete, hands-on report. Turns out Ping is "slick, intuitive and closed." Does that add up to a winning social service?

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Tech News Today

Amazon struggles to compete with iTunes and Netflix
Amazon is working with studios to offer unlimited movies and TV shows. The content would be streamed through Amazon’s existing services. This is an attempt to compete with iTunes’ and Netflix’s video content services.

FCC asks for input on Net neutrality
The FCC is now taking public comments on proposed Net neutrality rules. Several solutions have been advanced by telecom and Internet providers. These mainly deal with wireless networks and non-Internet services

Windows 7 family pack returns
For a limited time, Microsoft is bringing back the Windows Family Pack. This gives users three copies of Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade for $149.99. The deal becomes available on Oct. 3.

Two years on, Chrome reshapes browser market
The influence Google’s browser has had on the market is broader than its use. And on Chrome’s second anniversary, Google releases another update.

Twitter plans to record all links clicked
In a move that could raise privacy concerns, the microblogging site said Wednesday evening that it will record and analyze every link users click on when using its Web site or any of the thousands of third-party apps.

Samsung takes on the Apple iPad with the 7 inch Galaxy Tab device
We can expect to see several Android-based tablet devices coming out to take on the iPad and Samsung looks to have a winner with the Galaxy Tab

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Tech News Today

Roundup: Apple’s fall surprises
Apple unveils its biggest-ever reworking of the iPod lineup, iTunes 10, and a reinvented Apple TV.

Video: New iPods
Apple TV: Netflix added, price cut to $99
iTunes 10: The nitty gritty on the new release

iPad: iOS 4.2 arrives in NovemberApple to add wireless printing in iOS 4.2
Apple CEO Steve Jobs introduced a new version of its mobile OS and a new version of the iPod Touch. For businesses and IT, Apple’s fixing some iPhone bugs this month, but the bigger iPad upgrade is due in November.

Microsoft brings back Windows 7 ‘family pack’
Once again, though, the software maker bills the three-copy bundle of Windows 7 Home Premium as a limited-time, "while supplies last" offer

Digg confirms ex-Amazon exec as new CEO
The hiring of Matt Williams comes as the news aggregation site manages criticism of its recently introduced redesign

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Tech News Today

Microsoft, Yahoo move forward on paid search
The two companies say the move to combine advertisers on Microsoft’s AdCenter tool is on track to be completed by the end of October.

Apple to stream music event–to Apple devices
Apple announces that it will provide a live video stream of Wednesday’s music event, but only to those who have Macs running OS X, an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

How Google Gmail Calling Affects Skype
Google’s Gmail phone-calling service, which racked up 1 million calls from users in its first 24 hours of release, threatens Skype because it copies its service for initiating and receiving free or cheap calls over IP. Gmail and Skype both offer trade-offs, and analysts and industry experts have different takes on how these services match up.

Netflix isn’t going to save Apple TV
Apple reportedly will team up with Netflix to offer streaming videos to Steve Jobs’ ongoing hobby. Big deal. Netflix is already in your entertainment center.

Time for IBM to become an open source hero
No one else does a better job of giving the lie to the idea that open source is a money loser than IBM. IBM has become the Stan Musial of open source.

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Tech News Today

Angry Digg users flood home page with Reddit links
Longtime users express frustration with dramatic changes made to the social-news site, attempting to carpet-bomb the front page with links to a rival site

USB security threat grows

More viruses are relying on USB gadgets to spread. Flash drives and MP3 players are examples. About 48 percent of small and medium businesses reported being infected. And 27 percent of those say the infection came through an infected USB gadget

Office Web Apps: Can it replace desktop Office?
If you were to replace desktop Office applications with online Office Web Apps for quick, simple academic or office tasks, how easy is it to survive on the web versions of Office alone

Microsoft Co-Founder Sues Apple, Google, Others Over Patents
I find it kind of depressing that we don’t hear about people these days unless they’re doing something controversial. I mean, I know Paul Allen wasn’t exactly missing, but he’d been pretty quiet. Now he’s busy suing, I think, everyone because they may be using technology his old company created during the dot-com bubble. More happy details in this report

AMD to retire ATI branding
AMD plans to get rid of the ATI branding on its graphics cards

Rootkit goes 64-bit
A rootkit that caused problems earlier this year is back. It can now affect machines running 64-bit Windows. It gets past anti-rootkit measures by infecting the hard drive’s master boot record. This makes it extremely difficult to detect. It’s best to intercept rootkits before they get on your system.

Boxee Updates, Adds Movie Libraries for Streaming Films
Streaming movies is no longer remarkable. If you deliver television content of any sort to, well, TVs, this is expected. Thanks for getting on board, Boxee

Quicken Online closes for good; migration to Mint is less than ideal
Quicken Online has officially made its way into the history books, welcoming Mint to replace it, as of the weekend.

Cnet asks if Apple can maintain iPod’s relevance?
It’s one of the many questions we have leading up to Wednesday’s Apple music event. We look at what will happen to the iPod lineup, what’s next for iTunes on the Web, and the chances of seeing an improved Apple TV.

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Google says: 1 million Gmail calls on first day!

Google Wave and Google Buzz may have had troubles attracting usage, but the new ability to place calls from Gmail appears to have caught on quickly.

"Over 1,000,000 calls placed from Gmail in just 24 hours!" Google tweeted Thursday, evidently pleased with the number.

For comparison, there are somewhat more than 300 million people in the United States.

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Netflix now on iPhone and iPod Touch

Were not sure we want to watch movies on tiny devices, but Netflix is certainly going to let us find out. Netflix is already on TVs, computers, iPads, the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and even the Wii, and now the service is finding a home on iPhones and iPods.

As long as you’re running iPhone OS 3.1.3 or have an iPod Touch, you should be able to run Netflix. If you’ve used Netflix on the iPad, the experience is similar here, just smaller. Lots smaller. You can view all the movies you’ve added to your streaming queue, and search for more video content to watch right from your phone should you have some kind of tiny device fetish and eyes a lot better than mine.

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Tech News Today

Three teens killed after appearing on Facebook hit list

A mysterious hit list containing 69 names has appeared on Facebook. The names belong to teens in Puerto Asis, Colombia. So far, three teens on the list have been killed. Police are investigating who created the list and why.

Is your phone the wallet of the future?
Smartphones are central to several companies’ plans to make payments–either through mobile credit-card readers or by using the phone in place of a credit car

Ad firm sued over zombie cookies
An ad firm is being sued for allegedly distributing zombie cookies. These browser cookies are based on Flash and come back after being deleted. Several other companies have been sued for the same practice

Apple’s iPod, iTunes event September 1
Apple makes it official: the much-talked about music, iPod, iTunes, and possible Apple TV event takes place in San Francisco next Wednesday

New Kindle is selling fast
Amazon said Wednesday that its latest Kindle e-reader is the top selling item on Amazon hasn’t released any sales numbers.


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