Sunday, April 5, 2020

Say good-bye to Linux on the PS3

Less than a year after the release of the PS3 Slim, Sony says that a firmware update for older models of the PlayStation 3 will kill its Other OS option.;rb_mtx


iPad suppliers upping efforts; iPad at Best Buy on Saturday

Chinese manufacturers reportedly are increasing production of the device. Also: Apple says iPad to be at Best Buy same day as Apple stores.;rb_mtx


Watch PC Mag Reviews

Reviewing all the latest tech and gadgets from the CNet editors.   Read the rest of this entry »


Watch GeekBrief TV

The cutest thing in tech join our favorite hostess Cali Lewis who you just can’t help but fall in love with its like tech cute overload. All kidding aside Cali brings the latest in gadget and tech updates in a quick concise manner and be sure to always watch the credits for some hilarious outakes Read the rest of this entry »


Watch Cranky Geeks

Cranky Geeks is a technology-related Internet show produced by Ziff Davis Media centered on discussion of technology topics of the week. It is hosted by industry pundit John C. Dvorak. Editor of GigaOM Sebastian Rupley is introduced as “co-crank”, and serves as both a weekly panelist and editor selecting the week’s topics. Each week two guest panelists, usually selected from a pool of technology journalists and entrepreneurs, join Dvorak and Rupley. Read the rest of this entry »


5 Ways To Speed Your Older PC’s Performance Without Spending A Cent

 Is your PC slowing down? Or maybe it crashing more and more, Well if that’s the case it just might because your PC is suffering old age! Yes that’s right just like people PCs suffer from the aging process too.

But there’s good news

But unlike people you can actually turn back the aging process and bring your beloved PC back to life. All it takes is a couple of easy to follow tips to ignite your PC’s performance to full speed again.

Just follow these easy to follow steps: Read the rest of this entry »


Xara Web Designer 6.0 (Windows)

Xara Web Designer is unlike any Web page editor that you will have seen before; an easy to use template based Web page creation tool that gives you total page design freedom, absolutely no HTML or Javascript skills required. Simply choose one of the professionally designed page templates, customize it as required with easy drag and drop editing (text, graphics, photos, widgets, animations) and one-click theme color change, and upload to your site.


Flash Video Studio 4.0 (Windows)

Flash Video Studio is an easy and powerful tool to convert most video files into Macromedia Flash SWF and FLV. It supports the following video formats: AVI, DIVX, MPG, WMV, ASF, and Quicktime MOV. Support the new AVC/H264 Video format. Flash 8 alpha is also supported. You can add watermarks using text, static image, animated GIF, or transparent image (PNG). Trim video, apply effects (emboss, sepia, motion blur), mix a secondary audio (WAV, MP3, WMA), adjust compression setting, frame rate, video size, video quality. You can customize the navigation control by turning on/off a specific button or changing its color settings to suit your style. Add chapter list from various part of your video. Add multilingual subtitle. Publish multiple video file into one control with a playlist. Add event to synchronize animation with your video. Flash Video Studio can show the estimated bandwidth and file size in real time which enables you to adjust the quality settings easily. Supports batch processing and also automatic FTP upload. Crop, rotate video, and save JPEG thumbnail from any frame within video file.Version 3.0 adds support for all flash video formats and AVC/H264/MPEG4 video format


DVD Author Plus 2.04 (Windows)

Easily create DVDs and CDs. Quick-erase or fully erase any type of RW disc. After writing, you can verify the disc to ensure data integrity. Protect your investment by making backup copies of CDs and DVDs. Copy video DVDs and data DVDs and audio or data CDs using a simple wizard interface. Create DVDs and CDs using any type of media, including mini-DVDs and business card CDs. There are no restrictions. Make industry-standard ISO image files. Use image files to create exact duplicates of the disc later. You can also burn downloaded images to disc. Advanced hyperthreading technology lets you continue to work on other tasks while your DVD is burned in the background.


MONyog MySQL Monitor 3.7.3-1 (Windows)

MONyog MySQL Monitor and Advisor is a MySQL DBA in a box that helps MySQL DBAs manage more MySQL servers, tune their current MySQL servers and find and fix problems with their MySQL database applications before they can become serious problems or costly outages. MONyog proactively monitors enterprise database environments and provides expert advice on how to tighten security, optimize performance and reduce downtime.

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