Sunday, November 19, 2017

Reactions to Twitter’s New Character Limit Top This Week’s Internet News

Twitter is giving users a lot more characters—and boy are folks getting the most out of them.

Via:: Wired News


401(k) at risk? What 3 stock market skeptics see ahead

What do Robert Shiller, Peter Schiff and Christopher Cole, who predicted the last collapse, see in their crystal balls?

Via:: USA Today Tech News


The real cost of setting up a smart home

DIY sounds great, but setting up isn’t simple unless you’re a pro

Via:: USA Today Tech News


What Protects Elephants from Cancer?

Elephants did not evolve to become huge animals until after they turned a bit of genetic junk into a unique defense against inevitable tumors.

Via:: Wired News


Free Money: The Surprising Effects of a Basic Income Supplied by a Tribal Government

Thanks to a profitable casino, an Indian tribe gives its members sizeable cash payments. It’s called a basic income and might be the solution to job losses brought on by automation and globalization.

Via:: Wired News


Donald Trump’s Taxes Have Probably Already Been Hacked

Opinion: The IRS isn’t an impenetrable fortress. Someone has Trump’s taxes; the question is, who?

Via:: Wired News


Dinosaurs extinct because asteroid hit the wrong spot on Earth, scientists say

Dinosaurs ‘were unlucky,’ a Japanese scientist said, referring to the chain reaction the led to mass extinction.

Via:: USA Today Tech News


MakeSpace, the ‘Cloud Storage for Physical Stuff’ Startup, Swaps Out Its CEO

The company says the departure was “completely amicable.”

Via:: Wired News


Only 1% of Chinese women use tampons. P&G wants to change that

Only 1% of Chinese women use tampons, compared with close to 60% in the United States.

Via:: USA Today Tech News


China's 'Singles Day' online shopping spree brings in billions

Chinese consumers opened their virtual purses in the e-commerce binge. The amount spent tops total sales for Black Friday and Cyber Monday in the U.S.

Via:: USA Today Tech News

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