Tuesday, January 23, 2018

A Child Abuse Prediction Model Fails Poor Families

Why Pittsburgh’s predictive analytics misdiagnoses child maltreatment and prescribes the wrong solutions

Via:: Wired News


Entrepreneurs: 9 tips for proven crowdfunding success

Entrepreneurs are gravitating to crowdfunding as an alternative to traditional funding.

Via:: USA Today Tech News


R.I.P. Christmas drones; many already go missing

Oh Christmas drone, Oh Christmas drone, we cannot seem to find you.

Via:: USA Today Tech News


Car hacking remains a very real threat as autos become ever more loaded with tech

New vehicles are less susceptible to some cyber attacks than they were a couple years ago, but the hacking threat is expected to grow.

Via:: USA Today Tech News


How Gore-Tex Went From Accident to Outdoor Essential

Gore-Tex, the waterproof material in your favorite jacket—and boots and ski pants—was born by accident.

Via:: Wired News


How Dirt Could Save Humanity from an the Apocalypse of antibiotic-resistant superbugs

One chemist thinks he’s found a way for us to outrun the lethal juggernaut of antibiotic resistance.

Via:: Wired News


Trump’s ‘Shithole Countries’ Comment Tops This Week’s Internet News

There was no way social media was going to let the president’s comments go uncommented upon.

Via:: Wired News


The ‘Doublespeak’ of Responsible Encryption

It’s a new name for an old argument: that public agencies fighting crime and terrorism must have access to our private communications—for our own good.

Via:: Wired News


Boeing’s Skunk Works Cargo Drone Is a Heavy Lifter

Eventually, it should be able to fly as far as 20 miles, carrying 500 pounds )or 400 large Domino’s pizzas.

Via:: Wired News


How the False Hawaii Missile Warning Could Have Happened

And where was the federal government?

Via:: Wired News

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