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Deal of the Day: Sidewinder Gaming Mouse $23.68

 Microsoft SideWinder X5 Mouse for just $23.68


Cut right to the chase with the Microsoft SideWinder X5 Mouse–another addition to Microsoft’s award-winning line of SideWinder gaming products. This fast, durable mouse delivers super-precise action with advanced features like vertical side buttons, 200 to 2000 dpi on-the-fly laser tracking, macros, 5 assignable buttons, and more.

  • 2000 DPI Laser Tracking Engine – For fast action
  • Built to Last – Main button life: Rated to 10,000,000 clicks
  • On-the-Fly DPI Switching – Instantly switch sensitivity between high (2000), medium (800), and low (400) with one click.
  • Five Programmable Main Buttons – Customize your main gaming buttons to your preference.
  • Macros – Create and assign macros out-of-game using included software.


 Microsoft SideWinder X5 Mouse for just $23.68

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Deal of the Day – Fantastic Deal: 143.99 for a 21.5” LCD Monitor


AOC F22 21.5" Widescreen LCD Monitor – 30,000:1, 5ms, 1920 x 1080, DVI – Piano Black

22" Widescreen for just $143.99

Innovation and style best describes the F22 from AOC. It has a unique design with a single post stand that you can adjust to your preference. Its smooth piano black finish and white back makes this monitor the final touch to a clean, stylish desk, but is also wall mountable. To go along with its performance this monitor boasts 30,000:1 Dynamic contrast ratio along with 5ms response time to provide crystal clear viewing experience for video and precise editing.

The F22 from AOC has both DVI with HDCP and analog inputs allowing you to hook it up to a PC or video player. Additionally the F22 has Dynamic Color Boost allowing you to completely customize the color of the entire display or just a specific section of the screen.

22" Widescreen for just $143.99

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Spawn Labs – Site of the Day

Spawn labs is home to a revolutionary program that allows you to play your Playstation, Xbox or Nintendo from any computer connected to the internet. The Spawn HD-720 is a console that collects and sends signals to and from your gaming console and your computer.It has many cool applications, and has already been given several awards.

Visit Spawn Labs


Big 3 Evil Chart

Charting the Big three (Microsoft, Google, Apple) in their perceived evil.



As the Storm Troopers trample all over the constitution, somewhere Steve Jobs is smiling: Our thoughts on the “stolen” iPhone.

If you have not been under a rock for the last couple of weeks, you know all the basics of this story, but for our rock dwellers, here are the basics.

1. apple engineer looses iPhone prototype
2. passerby finds phone
3. passerby figures out its a prototype of a new device
4. passerby shops it around.
5. Gawker Media agrees and purchases device
6. Gawker publishes story, contacts apple to return phone
7. Apple accepts phone back
The end…..
8. WTF?????  Prosecutors raid reporters home

Welcome to the police state of California.

This is where we have to start reporting the story. 1-7 could happen to any person and company in this business, even us. Other than step 5 if someone were to give it to us, of course we would write about it, we might be tempted to buy it, but we have a policy against paying for stories.

Where the line was crossed was when the police raided the reporters home.

As the Storm Troopers trample all over the constitution, somewhere Steve Jobs is smiling.

In our opinion, there is no way that this is not a case of Apple manipulating the system. Apple fan boys can scream foul all they want, but try this experiment: call your local police department and report your cell phone stolen, but given back to you after you asked. See if the results are anything like this. There are murderers, rapists, and child molesters walking the streets in every city in the world, and the police are wasting time, effort and money on this issue as well as trampling the constitution.

The constitutional issue here seems pretty clear. The police seized a lot and went way too far. Its as if one person on Yahoo committed a crime and law enforcement shut down Yahoo, confiscated the servers and backups and read EVERYONES correspondence.

That seems extreme, but is exactly what happened here.

An easier analogy is let’s say your neighbor steals a lawnmower, you then borrow your neighbor’s lawnmower, put it in your garage, mow your lawn, and then find out he stole it from the neighbor three doors down and return it to him. Then he decides you didn’t ask his permission first to use it and calls the police and reports it stolen. The police come and clean out your whole house, take your car(s), all your furniture, all your appliances, all your food, all your tools, dishes, silverware etc. and leave you with an empty house, when the only issue was the stolen lawnmower that you returned already.

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Deal of the Day: Acer D150 Netbook $239.99

Acer D150 Netbook, 1.60GHz Intel Atom N270, 1GB RAM, 160GB HDD, 10.1” WSVGA, Webcam, Windows XP Home Edition, 6 Cell Battery (Blue)

 Buy this fantastic Netbook for just $239.99 with free shipping!

The 10" Aspire One D150 netbook from Acer personifies speed and power in the finest, most compact form. The Aspire One D Series is built to enhance your mobile lifestyle, boasting up to 7-hour battery life for extended fun and productivity while you’re on the move!Propelled by a fast processor made from the world’s smallest transistors, the Aspire One D Series is a mini powerhouse delivering optimum Internet productivity and speedy performance on its 10-inch widescreen display. Download and share all the multimedia you want using the large-capacity hard disk. The Aspire One D Series is not only small and energetic but looks fashionable too, sporting a slim profile, smooth contours and polished finish. This cool netbook is the ultimate fusion of aesthetic expression and awesome functionality

This Acer D150 Netbook features:

Intel Atom™ Processor N270 (512KB L2 cache, 1.60GHz, 533MHz FSB)
10.1” WSVGA (1024×600) TFT LCD, Acer® CrystalBrite Technology
Six-cell lithium ion battery provides up to 6.5 hours life
160GB hard drive
Integrated Acer Crystal Eye webcam
Acer InviLink 802.11b/g wireless LAN
Windows XP Home Edition operating system

Buy this fantastic Netbook for just $239.99 with free shipping!

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Your Web Site on an Ipad

Brad Colbow offers a great way for web designers to test how their site will look on an iPad. Colbow created a free, downloadable layer you can apply to your image in Photoshop. It features realistic light reflections on the glass screen and accurately placed finger print smudges.

Check it out below:

See the entire helpful image at The Brads.


Comodo Dragon Browser – Freeware Pick

Today’s Web users require MORE than a Browser that is faster, nimbler and more stable. They need one that is secure too! In 2009 alone, more than 25 million new strains of malware were created, causing a 400% jump in compromised Web sites worldwide.

This is exactly why Comodo, the world’s leading online security and trust assurance innovator, has stepped forward with Comodo Dragon. – A Chromium technology-based Browser that offers you all of Chrome’s features PLUS the unparalleled level of security and privacy you only get from Comodo. Including a greater level of privacy than Chromium technology offers.

Download Comodo Dragon Browser


Microsoft Fix It Beta Now Available

Microsoft has announced a proactive and personalized troubleshooting experience for customers with the launch of the Fix it Center Online (Beta). The Fix it Center Online service, incorporates some of Microsoft’s KB content for other windows flavors, and Microsoft Fix it Center makes getting support easier than ever because automatic troubleshooters solve the issues you have now and prevent new ones.

Fix it Center finds and fixes many common PC and device problems automatically. It also helps prevent new problems by proactively checking for known issues and installing updates.Fix it Center helps to consolidate the many steps of diagnosing and repairing a problem into an automated tool that does the work for you.

The Fix it Center Client contains troubleshooters that help detect issues on target PCs and solve them on demand or proactively before you even know they exist! Simply download Fix it Center client and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

The client version is available for Windows XP SP3, Windows XP Pro (64-bit) SP2, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003 SP2, Windows Server 2008, and Windows Server 2008 R2. Users also have the option to sign up for the "Fix it Center Online" during the setup so they can manage all their computers from a single location via various customized settings and options.



Visit the FixIt Center


How to print from an iPad

Full-size image at The Forum Group.

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