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Freeware pick

Do you miss the blue blinking of the small two-monitor icon in the system tray that flashed to show when you there was network activity in Windows Vista? If so, you’ll want to download the small utility Network Activity Indicator for Windows 7


Tech News Today

Windows XP gets yet another reprieve from Microsoft

On the eve of Microsoft pulling the plug on support for Windows XP Service Pack (SP) 2, company officials announced they are extending downgrade rights for Windows XP

Microsoft to offer free ‘Find My Phone’ service for Windows Phone 7

Microsoft is going to offer a free "Find My Phone" feature for Windows Phone 7 devices that will help users find missing phones with maps, ring tones, lock and erase capabilities

Hacker Creates Plugin That Trashes Chrome’s Security

Reported by The Next Web, a developer created a plugin for the Google Chrome browser that can watch users’ login information and send that information to him via email. The programmer who created the attack, Andreas Grech, coded the plugin in jQuery. Grech is only demonstrating the attack and isn’t using it maliciously but it is more than a proof of concept, it’s real and in the wild. He details the attack on his blog and reveals the code behind the exploit

iPhone lawsuits gets class action status

Several long-term Apple antitrust lawsuits have been granted class action status. These have existed since 2007. They allege that Apple and AT&T’s exclusivity contract is anti-competitive. They also claim that Apple unfairly restricts its phone software

Consumer Reports verifies iPhone flaw

Consumer Reports has tested claims of reception issues with the iPhone 4. Its controlled tests confirm that a serious design flaw does exist. Consumer Reports says it cannot recommend the iPhone 4 to consumers for now

Google launches app creation software

Google has released a free program for building Android apps. It is called Google App Inventor for Android. This is geared especially towards non-programmers, including school children. It features a simple drag-and-drop interface


Tech News Today

For ‘Hurt Locker’ sharers, good and bad news

A federal judge OKs mass lawsuits against suspected illegal file sharers to proceed, but she has serious questions about fairness.

Is Apple covering up the real problem with its iPhone?

Did Apple know about its signal strength reporting issue all along?

Program Pick: Fluxee

If you’re a download junkie, keeping all your new files organized can be a challenge. Fluxee is designed to handle this problem. It continuously scans a folder, and based on a set of user-defined rules, moves files to a more appropriate location.

Microsoft announces new battery technology

Microsoft has revealed a new battery technology called InstaLoad. It allows batteries to be inserted in any direction. Consumers no longer have to worry about positive and negative ends.


Today’s Tech News

IE reverses downward trend – at Firefox’s expense

Internet Explorer has reversed a years-long slide in browser usage, at least for the month of June, reclaiming share at the expense of Firefox

The truth Steve Jobs cannot hide from

It’s past time for Steve Jobs to look beyond himself, and for Apple to look beyond Steve Jobs. Failure to do so is hurting the company, and could yet destroy it

Saying it was "stunned" by its mistake, the company will issue a software update to fix how it calculates signal strength on its iPhones. So does that settle things, really?

Microsoft Kills the Kin
Well, that was fast. Barely two months after the formal Microsoft Kin phone announcement, Microsoft has decided that it would rather focus solely on the upcoming Windows Phone 7 line. What does this mean for the future of the Kin brand and two Kin phones? Can you say, "Game over"?

Amazon Acquires Deals Web Site Woot
Woot, the site that’s become an exclamation, is now a part of a bigger site that’s all but synonymous with online shopping

Kindle DX gets an update

Amazon has updated its Kindle DX e-book reader. The update includes a higher-contrast 9.7-inch E-ink display and a thinner body. Amazon also cut the price from $489 to $379. All other features remain the same.

Facebook changes application privacy

Facebook is changing the way applications are installed. Applications must now tell the user what personal information will be accessed. That means users can make a more informed decision before installing the application.


Tech News Today

Dell hit with lawsuits

Computer maker Dell is in trouble over chronic computer failures. It is accused of using faulty capacitors in its computers. Dell allegedly hid the extent of the problem from consumers.

Google yields to China

Google has agreed to stop automatically redirecting Chinese visitors. They were being sent to Google’s Hong Kong search site, which isn’t censored. This angered Chinese officials. Visitors are now presented with a link to the Hong Kong site instead.

Windows 8 information leaked

Ideas and goals for the next Windows have leaked online. New features include image recognition, an app store and Internet Explorer 9. Boot times are also improved. And the operating system can be restored without losing data.

Although things can certainly change between now and whenever Microsoft actually ships the next version of Windows, this week’s leak offers an unexpected peek into Redmond’s mindset.

Cisco Cius: Android tablet for workers, students. Watch out, iPad?

Cisco introduces a tablet PC built on the Android operating system and targeted at the mobile workforce as a real-time video communications and collaboration tool

Facebook’s competitive advantage

All Things Digital’s Kara Swisher talks to David Kirkpatrick, author of "The Facebook Effect," about why the company is now the No. 1 social network

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AM Tech News

iPhone 4 sells out quickly

The iPhone 4 sold 1.7 million units in its first three days. That is the biggest product launch in Apple?s history. More would have been sold, but stores ran out.

Amazon updates Kindle app

Amazon’s Kindle app for Apple products can now play audio and video. The media can be embedded in an e-book. This increases the accessibility and usefulness of supplementary materials.

Google rumored to challenge Facebook

A rumor is spreading online about a service called Google Me. It is supposedly Google’s answer to Facebook. Experts are skeptical about whether Google can compete with Facebook. So far, its social-networking services have not caught on.

Patent law must be flexible for technology, Supreme Court rules
The Supreme Court on Monday cut software developers and university researchers a little break by keeping open notions of what can be patented. In the year’s most anticipated science …

Tesla Motors goes public higher than planned

In one of the most highly anticipated IPOs in the tech sector, Tesla aims to raise about $226 million to begin production of its Model S electric sedan.

Windows 8 leaks show Microsoft’s eyes on Apple

Purported planning documents show that Redmond is not only looking to craft a better Windows, but also one with an iPad-like app store and quick start-up.
• Screenshots: Microsoft game plan


Apple’s iPhone 4 to hit shelves today

After lining up for hours, or sometimes days, Apple-philes on Thursday morning were set to get their hands the iPhone 4, the latest in the company’s line …

read more via CNN.


Lenovo Download Site Attacked by Trojan

PC manufacturer Lenovo had its support website attacked over the weekend when some hackers infected the site with a rogue IFrame, reports Visitors looking for drivers have since then been exposed to several exploits that will infect them with the Bredolab trojan. The Lenovo site had been confirmed as infected since at least Sunday afternoon; there are reports of visitors getting antivirus warnings from the website since Saturday.

The attack seems to be cleaned up now

Via Technibble


Freeware Pick: Slider Dock

SliderDock is a simple and good-looking program launcher, allowing for the creation of one or more rings of shortcuts. You can pack plenty of icons into a given ring, and then use the mouse wheel to rotate the one you want to the front.

SliderDock is highly customizable, from the dock and icons size, to the looks of all the dock’s images passing by the keyboard keys used to control SliderDock. Everything can be changed by the user.




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