Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Deal of the Day: Gateway Notebook Deal

Gateway NV5929u 15.6" Notebook, Intel Core i5-430M (2.26GHz with Turbo Boost up to 2.53GHz), 4GB DDR3 Memory, 320GB HDD, DVD Super Multi-Drive, Intel GMA HD, 802.11b/g/n, Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit (Black)

image The Gateway NV Notebook blends premium performance and trendsetting style for a stellar HD entertainment experience. With powerful Intel Core i5 processing, impressive graphics, Windows 7 Home Premium and on-the-go connectivity you can multitask with ease, keep up with your social network and enjoy all your digital media from the comfort of your PC.
Powerful Performance Features
The new Intel Core i5 with Intel Turbo Boost Technology automatically adapts to whatever you are doing, responding to all your needs. It dynamically delivers optimal performance and energy efficiency for accelerated productivity.
Breeze through multitasking requirements with 4GB DDR3 Memory and quickly retrieve and store files on the 320GB Hard Drive.
The Windows 7 Home Premium operating system is designed to be more reliable, more responsive, and to make the things you do every day easier — the best entertainment experience on your PC.

Buy this Gateway NV5929u 15.6" Notebook for just $599.99

Buy it now for $599.98 (List Price: $699.99)

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Tech News Today

Security flaw could let hackers control iPhone, iPad
A new vulnerability has been found in Apple’s iOS. It could give a hacker complete control over an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. A user only need view a tainted PDF online

Microsoft releases final IE9 preview, beta due in September
Internet Explorer 9 continues its steady pace toward a final release. Today’s milestone is an important one. The fourth and final Platform Preview, like its predecessors, is intended for developers to test their web sites and report bugs

Motorola latest to announce iPad challenger
The iPad has renewed interest in tablet computers. Motorola is the latest to say it will offer a similar device. As with Motorola’s Droid smart phone, the tablet will use Google’s Android. HP, Lenovo, LG and BlackBerry manufacturer RIM are also working on tablets

For Kevin Mitnick, staying legal is job one
Famed hacker must be wary even about playing social-engineering games at security conferences. What’s a onetime "bad guy" to do

HP settles government contracts suit
HP will pay $50 million to resolve a suit with the Justice Department. Since the late 1990s, HP allegedly submitted false claims to the government. The claims were for technology contracts. HP denies wrongdoing

Google buys Slide for social-gaming push?
TechCrunch reports that Slide, founded by former PayPal exec Max Levchin, has sold for $182 million–impressive, but less than half its reported $500 million valuation from a few years back

Government body scanners store images
The Electronic Privacy Information Center says body scanners can store photos of those scanned. It also says the nude images can be transferred to USB drives. The scanners are used at federal courthouses and airports. The TSA denies the claims


Tech News Today

New BlackBerry takes on iPhone
RIM has unveiled a new touch-screen smart phone. The BlackBerry Torch will be available on AT&T’s network. It uses the new BlackBerry 6 operating system and includes a physical keyboard. It will cost $200 with a 2-year contract

BlackBerry 6 Appeals to Business Users, Media Junkies
BlackBerry 6 has gained some features designed to appeal to businesses, while making an effort to keep users tempted by the slick UI and multimedia capabilities of Apple and Android phones. But RIM still needs to shake up its BlackBerry lineup.

Hands On with the BlackBerry Torch 9800
RIM this week unveiled the Torch 9800, the first BlackBerry to feature both a touchscreen and QWERTY keyboard. It’s also the first smartphone to run Blackberry OS 6.

Android sales top iPhone
Android phones account for 27 percent of smart phone sales. Android has surged ahead of the iPhone by four percent. But this may change. Sales of the new iPhone 4 have yet to be tallied The majority of smart phone sales continue to go to Blackberry

Sign into multiple Google accounts at once
Google is rolling out a new feature that lets you sign into multiple Google accounts at once. This is a pretty great feature, and one that will save many people a lot of time

Are e-book prices being fixed?
Connecticut’s Attorney General is investigating whether Apple and Amazon are fixing e-book prices. Prices for New York Times best sellers are the same at several online stores.

IE use grows, again
Internet Explorer gained market share for the third consecutive month in July. Its share is up 1 percent since May. Slightly more than 60 percent of Web surfers use IE. Firefox ranks second with 23 percent of the market. Microsoft attributes the gain to IE8’s enhanced security and privacy features.

Dvorak: 3D, Who Needs It?
John Dvorak isn’t exactly thrilled about Hollywood’s recent push toward 3D movies. He lays out the problems–and a solution–in his new column

Facebook reveals man’s double life
An Ohio woman suspected her husband of cheating. What she didn’t expect to find was his other wife. A Facebook page revealed photos of a Disney-themed wedding and Target gift registry


Tech News Today

Decades-old glass finds high-tech use
Corning invented Gorilla Glass nearly 50 years ago. Gorilla glass is hard to break, scratch or dent. It’s also flexible, making it ideal for gadgets like touch-screen phones and TVs. Analysts predict the expensive glass will become a billion-dollar business.

AT&T & Verizon to turn phones into credit cards?
Bloomberg reports that AT&T and Verizon Wireless are working with Discover and Barclays to launch a service that would allow people to use their smartphones as credit cards

Jailbreak released for iPhone 4
Last week, the U.S. Copyright Office determined hacking an iPhone is legal. Now, a jailbreaking tool has been developed for iOS 4. iPhones, iPads and iPod touches running the latest software can be jailbroken. Apple says that hacking the iPhone can violate its warranty

RIM lights up its BlackBerry Torch
Company takes the wraps off its next-gen device at a New York event Tuesday morning. As expected, it has a touch screen and runs the new BlackBerry 6 OS

Microsoft squashes shortcut bug
Microsoft has released a fix for a desktop shortcut flaw discovered last month. The flaw could allow a hacker to take control of a target computer. All Windows versions are vulnerable. The patch was sent out via Windows Update

Estimate: two years and $100 million to "Internet Armageddon"
A former NSA computer espionage expert was asked how long and how much money it would take to bring down America’s cyber infrastructure. The answer: $100 million, using about a thousand "cyber-soldiers" and requiring about two years of work

U.S. Customs inspects Wikileaks editor’s gear
Customs officials detained a volunteer editor for Wikileaks. They searched his laptop upon his arrival in New York. He visited the United States to attend a hacker convention in Las Vegas. FBI agents also questioned him at the convention.


Deal of the Day: Save $200.00 on this Personal Media Player

V-Touch 8GB MP3/MP4 2.8" Touch Screen – 2MP Camera – Expandable MiniSD

Buy it now for $44.99 (List Price: $249.99)

imageMovies, music, pictures, text files and more all at the touch of a finger! The V-Touch Personal Media Player is the latest in touch screen media players. It features a beautiful 2.8" color TFT screen with an easy to use navigation system. It supports playback of AVI, MP4 and 3GP videos at 320×240 resolution. The unit also plays back MP3 and WMA audio files. There is a built-in speaker for those who choose not to use headphones.

The V-Touch also features a built-in 2.0 megapixel digital camera which records both stills and videos. It also works as a webcam when connected to a computer through the USB port. The V-Touch has a MiniSD Card slot should you wish to expand your storage space.

The V-Touch also has additional features such as a voice recorder, FM Radio (with presets and internal recording), picture viewer, calendar and text reader functions!

 Buy it now for $44.99 (List Price: $249.99)


2.8” Color TFT TOUCH Screen!
2 Megapixel Digital Camera!
Expandable MiniSD Card Slot!
Video Playback: AVI / MP4 / 3GP
Audio Playback: MP3 / WMA / WAV
Built-In Speaker
FM Radio (with presets) and recorder!
Voice recorder with up to 200 hours record time!
Works as a USB Flash Drive for taking your files on the go!
Picture Viewer, E-book Function and more!
Built-In Lithium Battery last up to 10 hours!

Tech Specs

Case Color: Black
Display Type: 2.8" Color TFT Touch Screen
Display Resolution: 320 x 256
Display Orientation Vertical (Music); Vertical & Horizontal (Pictures & Videos)
Digital Audio Formats Supported (Playback): MP3, WMA, WAV, AAC
Digital Video Formats Supported (Playback): AVI, MP4, 3GP

Photo Formats Supported: JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG

Memory Type: Flash Memory
Memory Installed: 8GB (up to 2,000 Songs, or 24,000 Images, or 20 Hours of Video)
Memory Cards Supported: Mini Secure Digital Card
Built-In Camera 2 MegaPixel Still; 25fps Video/Webcam
Built-In FM Tuner: FM Stereo Radio
Voice Recorder: Voice Recording up to 1500 Hours
Audio Input: Built-In Microphone
Audio Amplifier (EQ): Integrated Audio Amplifier; Presets: Normal, Classic, Rock, Pop, Jazz
Repeat Modes: Normal, Random, All
Ports and Connectors: (1) USB Connector Port; (1) Headphone Port
Interface Type: USB 1.1/2.0 Interface
SNR 85db
Output Power: 10mW+10mW
Range of Frequency: 20KHz-20KHz
Included Software: Drivers & Utilities
Included Accessories: Headphones, Carrying Pouch, Stylus
Included Cables: USB Cable

Battery Rechargeable: Lithium-Ion Battery
Battery Life: Up to 12 Hours of Audio Playback; Up to 3 Hours of Video Playback
Dimensions: 52mm x 90mm x 14mm
Weight: 4 ounces
Manufacturer Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty

V-Touch 8GB MP3/MP4 2.8" Touch Screen – 2MP Camera – Expandable MiniSD

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Tech News Today

Yahoo Instant Messenger Goes Social
Version 10 of the still-popular instant messaging client adds a host of new features, including some welcome social ones, but does it go far enough? This hands-on review has the answer.

FBI could have easier access to e-mail
The Obama administration wants to clarify the FBI’s authority to request electronic communications. This would mean that the FBI could request e-mail information without a warrant. The FBI already practices this already.

50 Ways to Make the Most of Windows 7
It’s official, Microsoft’s Windows 7 is a good operating system. Still nothing is perfect and there are ways-lots of ways-to improve it. PCMag has a list-actually a big list. Here are 50 ideas that cover everything from speed improvements to security and Registry adjustments

Online transactions aren’t as secure as you think
Security researchers have developed new avenues for snooping on secure online transactions. For example, information left on the victim’s computer can hint at transactions. Researchers are also pinpointing other methods

Researcher detained at U.S. border, questioned about Wikileaks
Jacob Appelbaum, who volunteers with Wikileaks, is questioned for three hours and has mobile phones confiscated on his way back to the U.S. for hacker show…Read full story

"Zombie cookies" spark lawsuit
A lawsuit has been filed against several Websites for using "zombie cookies." These cookies are based on Adobe Flash and recreate themselves after deletion. Some experts say it’s a problem with Flash, not intentionally malicious Websites
BlackBerry maker plans iPad rival
BlackBerry manufacturer RIM is rumored to be planning an iPad rival. Called the Blackpad, it could ship in November for $500. It will likely have the same dimensions as the iPad. But it will be geared toward business users

Windows 7 up, Mac OS X down
More number crunching by the good folks at NetMarketShare – Windows 7 surges past Vista, and Mac OS X loses ground for the fourth consecutive month…READ FULL STORY

Microsoft to take on iPad, iPhone
Microsoft is touting its upcoming phones and tablet computers. These are expected to ship this fall. The tablets will run Windows 7 and the phones Windows Phone 7.

What Microsoft isn’t saying about its iPad compete strategy
Some believe Microsoft is being coy about its slate plans. Others simply think the company is being clueless. I think the Redmondians are planting decoys, hoping they’ll provide cover for missteps…READ FULL STORY


Deal of the Day: Bluetooth Mouse for just $14.24

Verbatim Easy Riser™ Bluetooth Notebook Laser

image     If you’re looking for a mouse that rises to any occasion, try the Verbatim Easy Riser™ Bluetooth Notebook Laser Mouse.  Ultra-slim and designed to fit into tight spaces, it also lets you adjust the height of the mouse to fit your hand more comfortably using a switch on the underside of the mouse. This Easy Riser™ mouse is compatible with Bluetooth-enabled Macs and PCs for a cord-free and receiver-free experience after a quick set-up. With its high-resolution laser technology, the Easy Riser™ mouse offers smooth, precise tracking.  It also offers energy-efficient sleep modes that save batteries and software that allows you to assign a function to the scroll wheel to make your work easier…more

Our price: $29.24 Buy it now for $14.24 after $15 rebate.  (List Price: $49.00)

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Friday Funny: Computers are getting smarter all the time

This is a capture of a recently encountered error screen. Remind me not to anger our silicon overlords.


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Tech News Today

Netflix delights studios with big checks

The rental service has often said that once the streaming-movie business took off, it would mean bigger bucks for the studios. That transition has begun

Adult industry eyes iPhone

The adult industry is exploring uses for the iPhone 4’s new FaceTime feature. They believe it will be a boon for sex chats. This could undermine Apple’s commitment to keeping the iPhone porn-free.

Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 potential marketing pitch: ‘I’m a phone too’

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer gave analysts a glimpse at the software giant’s marketing around Windows Phone 7. The plan: Let Windows Phone 7 ride shotgun with Windows 7

Hackers deface Nazi camp’s Website

Unknown hackers broke into the Website for the Buchenwald concentration camp. The hackers vandalized the site with neo-Nazi slogans. The incident has been reported to the police. The site for the Mittlebau Dora concentration camp was also erased

U.S. military cyberwar: What’s off-limits?

Ex-NSA and CIA head tells Black Hat crowd that rules for when military can attack foreign networks might exempt power grids and financial networks

Amazon unveils updated Kindle

Amazon has updated the Kindle. It is smaller and faster. Plus, it has better battery life and a better screen. Amazon is also releasing a $140 Kindle. This does away with 3G and uses only Wi-Fi for downloading books. Both will ship Aug. 27


Tech News Today

High-profile hacker arrested in Slovenia

A cyber mastermind was recently arrested in Slovenia. He was linked to the creation of the malicious Mariposa botnet. Police arrested some of the Mariposa hackers months ago in Spain. They are tracking down other participating hackers.

No-track list a possibility

The FTC is considering creating a no-track list for online advertising. This would let computer users opt-out of targeted ads. This could take the form of a browser plug-in.

Researcher collects data on 100 million Facebook users

A security researcher devised a program that collected data on 100 million Facebook users. The data was released in a file online. The researcher says it highlights Facebook’s privacy issues. Only publicly available data was collected

Apple fixes Safari bugs

Apple just released 15 patches for the Safari browser. Fixed flaws include the recently disclosed auto-fill vulnerability. This was to be discussed today by hackers at the DefCon conference. Apple also enabled extensions by default

Britain’s oldest Tweeter passes away

Ivy Bean passed away this week. At 104, she was Britain’s oldest Twitter-user. Her death was announced on Twitter by her care-giver. When she was born, telegraphs were the prevalent form of communication

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