Saturday, September 23, 2017

SAP CEO comes back from accident to make businesses smarter

Apple, Google and Amazon are helping fuel SAP’s latest growth spurt. After dominating the business-to-consumer market, they’re partnering with SAP to bring innovations like blockchain, machine learning, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things to the business world.

Via:: USA Today Tech News


Do you want to sue Equifax over the cyberbreach? Winning a lawsuit may not be so easy.

Plaintiff lawyers in the Equifax case typically will have to show consumer harm from massive cyberbreach.

Via:: USA Today Tech News


The world is definitely going to end — just probably not Saturday

There are at least 11 ways humanity could be wiped out. But even if we avoid those, one day our sun will die.

Via:: USA Today Tech News


CCleaner attack on millions of computers sought out telecom firms, app's owner says

The CCleaner hack was specifically aimed at telecom equipment companies in the United States, South Korea, Taiwan and Japan

Via:: USA Today Tech News


Report: Hewlett Packard Enterprise to slash 5,000 jobs, 10% of workforce

The cuts comes as CEO Meg Whitman looks to reposition the legacy tech company as a nimble, cloud-focused business.

Via:: USA Today Tech News


Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook will give ads linked to Russian government to Congress

Mark Zuckerberg pledged that Facebook would make it “much harder” for anyone to interfere in elections and to “use our tools to undermine democracy.”

Via:: USA Today Tech News


Facebook’s Election Ad Overhaul Takes Crucial First Steps

In the face of brewing backlash, Facebook is redesigning its election integrity processes and sharing (some) information with Congress.

Via:: Wired News


This award winning cast iron is only $15 right now—it's time to replace your scratched nonstick pan

Lodge makes the best cast iron pans we’ve ever tested, and this square skillet is on sale for a great low price right now.

Via:: USA Today Tech News


Insidious 'attack within an attack' found in popular CCleaner program

The massive hit on a popular PC and phone cleaning program may have really been a fake to get at high-value tech targets.

Via:: USA Today Tech News


What Will Happen to the Gulf Coast If the Oil Industry Retreats?

Hurricane Harvey pummeled the country’s energy infrastructure, and there are few incentives in place to promote renewables.

Via:: Wired News

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