Thursday, January 17, 2019

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Like talking tech? Us, too. Sign up for Jefferson Graham’s Talking Tech newsletter.

Via:: USA Today Tech News


Trump Must Be a Russian Agent; the Alternative Is Too Awful

We know a lot about the “what” of the Mueller probe’s findings. The crucial questions now focus on the “why.”

Via:: Wired News


Anti-Trump Activists Defend Fake-*Washington Post* Stunt

Protesters have created satirical newspapers before, but the tactic comes with more baggage in the era of fake news.

Via:: Wired News


A Crocodile-Like Robot Helps Solve a 300-Million-Year Mystery

Researchers use a fossil, fancy computer work, and a complex robot to tease apart how an early land-walking animal moved.

Via:: Wired News


Most Users Still Don’t Know How Facebook Advertising Works

A new Pew survey also finds that more than 50 percent of Facebook users are uncomfortable with how the company collects their information for ads.

Via:: Wired News


Bracing for a Hazy Robo-Future, Ford and VW Join Forces

By joining forces, the major automakers have each diversified their self-driving portfolios.

Via:: Wired News


10 Years Later, Retrace the ‘Miracle on the Hudson’ Flight

On the anniversary of the remarkable crash landing, remember just how quickly it all happened.

Via:: Wired News


Verizon adds free Apple Music to Beyond Unlimited and Above Unlimited plans

Depending on your Verizon unlimited plan you may soon get a new perk: free Apple Music.

Via:: USA Today Tech News


Facebook’s ’10 Year Challenge’ Is Just a Harmless Meme—Right?

Opinion: The 2009 vs. 2019 profile picture trend may or may not have been a data collection ruse to train its facial recognition algorithm. But we can’t afford to blithely play along.

Via:: Wired News


Apple is selling a new battery case for its latest iPhones… for $129

Apple’s pricey new battery cases are compatible with wireless chargers.

Via:: USA Today Tech News

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