Thursday, July 20, 2017

Congress Is Finally Working on National Self-Driving Car Regulations

The House and Senate are crafting legislation to govern autonomous driving at a national level.

Via:: Wired News


Your Brain Doesn’t Contain Memories. It *Is* Memories

Memories begin when your neurons respond to outside stimuli—and compound to rewire your brain.

Via:: Wired News


All the Gear You Need to Stay Secure While You Travel

With these accessories in your luggage, you can take your Opsec program everywhere you go.

Via:: Wired News


Stumbles at Uber could be Lyft’s moment

Lyft says problems at the competition won’t change their way of doing things.

Via:: USA Today Tech News


June cyberattack hit Ukraine hospitals

The cyberattack that ripped through Ukraine on June 27 disrupted operations at several hospitals and pharmacies, knocking out scanners and briefly leaving patients in limbo. Ukrainian officials blame Russia, but Moscow denies any responsibility. (July 19)

Via:: USA Today Tech News


Google’s New Feeds Show You the Internet You Want to See

Think of Google’s new feeds as something like a recommendations list for the entire web.

Via:: Wired News


Steve Bannon learned to harness troll army from ‘World of Warcraft’

A new book on Trump chief political strategist Steve Bannon tells how ‘World of Warcraft’ inspired Breitbart News and Trump’s rabid online followers.

Via:: USA Today Tech News


A Sorta-Self-Driving Mercedes Tackles Americans’ Greatest Fear: the Roundabout

The 2018 S-Class takes on more sophisticated turns and lane changes—but the system ain’t perfect.

Via:: Wired News


Apple patents discreet 911 calling tech for iPhone

Apple filed a patent Tuesday for a discreet way to contact 911 with fingerprints.

Via:: USA Today Tech News


Google Glass reborn for the enterprise market

This time its businesses and not consumers who are the focus of the augmented reality glasses from Google.

Via:: USA Today Tech News

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