Friday, September 21, 2018

Apple counterfeits: Here's how to avoid being fooled

Apple counterfeits: Here’s how to avoid being fooled – and endangered – by fake cables

Via:: USA Today Tech News


How potentially dangerous fake Apple products reach the US consumer market

Potentially dangerous knockoffs of Apple accessories traveled an international trail before reaching the U.S. consumer market on

Via:: USA Today Tech News


That $10,000 check in the mail is likely just a scam. Here's how to avoid falling victim

Billions of dollars in fake checks are circulated annually. They appear to come from legitimate companies and are sent with a seemingly simple offer.

Via:: USA Today Tech News


Facebook Dating Is Rolling Out. Here’s How It Differs From Tinder

Facebook starts publicly testing its dating service with users in Colombia today.

Via:: Wired News


Watch scientists snag space junk with a giant net in unreal video

After six years of work, this is the first time RemoveDEBRIS’s experimental net snatched a target CubeSat.

Via:: USA Today Tech News


China's Social Credit system will track and rank all citizens by 2020

A new surveillance program in China will track and rank all of its citizens, providing benefits or the possibility of being blacklisted. Veuer’s Tony Spitz has the details.

Via:: USA Today Tech News


How the HTC Exodus Blockchain Phone Plans to Secure Your Cryptocurrency

HTC starts filling in the details of its so-called blockchain smartphone, expected to launch later this year.

Via:: Wired News


Amazon is planning to open up to 3,000 cashier-free stores by 2021, report says

Amazon, which has transformed the retail landscape, is thinking about opening up to 3,000 new Amazon Go locations, according to a Bloomberg report

Via:: USA Today Tech News


The 9 best places to buy Halloween costumes online this year

Don’t get spooked figuring out where to buy your perfect costume.

Via:: USA Today Tech News


Get ready. Amazon-Whole Foods deal will change how you buy food forever

By buying Whole Foods, Amazon brings firepower to an industry plagued by thin profit margins. It could hurt food manufacturers and producers, delivery services, supermarket chains, mass sellers and more.

Via:: USA Today Tech News

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