Saturday, June 24, 2017

Don’t like watching 360 VR videos? Try 180

YouTube introduces new way for viewers to enjoy VR

Via:: USA Today Tech News


VidCon is more than just online videos

USA TODAY’s Jefferson Graham talks to people attending VidCon about how the annual convention of online video content makers has evolved.

Via:: USA Today Tech News


Senators Push Trump for Answers on Power Grid Malware Attack

Nineteen legislators say the discovery of automated grid-disruption malware in Ukraine means the White House isn’t doing enough to protect critical infrastructure.

Via:: Wired News


Survey says 1 in 5 Americans don’t use their dishwashers

Dishwashers save you time and money, so why are so many Americans not using them?

Via:: USA Today Tech News


Uber employees petition for Kalanick’s return: reports

Around 9% of Uber’s 12,000 workers have signed an online form

Via:: USA Today Tech News


With VR180, YouTube Steps Gingerly Toward Virtual Reality

VR180 isn’t VR, but it’s way more accessible.

Via:: Wired News


These are the most popular TVs on Amazon worth buying

Some of Amazon’s best-sellers are excellent picks—here’s the scoop

Via:: USA Today Tech News


Why Net Neutrality Matters

How Trump’s decision on net neutrality impacts everyone

Via:: Wired News


Exoskeletons Don’t Come One-Size-Fits-All … Yet

Researchers are turning to algorithms to make exoskeletons more efficient.

Via:: Wired News


The Woman Who Gave You the Video Game ‘Journey’ Returns With a VR Fairy Tale

Created by Robin Hunicke and her experimental game design company, Funomena, the VR game Luna is a parable about mistakes and redemption.

Via:: Wired News

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