Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Yahoo data breach settlement 2019: How to get up to $358 or free credit monitoring

Yahoo users can now file a claim for a piece of the $117.5 million class action settlement related to data breaches between 2012 and 2016.

Via:: USA Today Tech News


Netflix: Why would somebody bother to hack your account on the streaming service?

Netflix accounts don’t really offer the selling potential stolen Facebook accounts do, but they still tempt a subset of hackers.

Via:: USA Today Tech News


Newly discovered comet is confirmed as an interstellar visitor – with a surprisingly familiar look

The comet is only the second interstellar comet ever detected in our solar system and the first that looks like a traditional comet.

Via:: USA Today Tech News


8 Halloween tricks your smart home device can do

Here’s how to celebrate Oct. 31 with Alexa and Google Assistant.

Via:: USA Today Tech News


‘Fortnite’ Disappeared Over the Weekend

The massively popular game concluded its tenth season by going offline, and leaving a string of numbers, ‘Lost’-style, in its place.

Via:: Wired News


Listen to an Underwater Volcano Burp 750-Foot Bubbles

Microphones catch a submarine vent firing uberbubbles that floated to the surface and formed massive water domes.

Via:: Wired News


Apple, Fitbit, Fossil, Samsung: How to choose the right smartwatch

Whether Apple Watch or Fitbit, the theme for this year’s crop of full-featured wearables is packing the latest tech into less pricey smartwatches.

Via:: USA Today Tech News


Major partners drop out, Warren fires back: Facebook’s Libra faces a tough road ahead

The alternative currency plan proposed by Facebook could still launch, but the road to get there has just gotten way harder, according to analysts.

Via:: USA Today Tech News


The 5 best Amazon deals you can find this Sunday

These are some of the best prices on DNA kits, Instant Pots, Lego kits, and egg cookers. Plus, avid readers will love the latest Kindle offer.

Via:: USA Today Tech News


An Artist Takes an Unflinching Look at Her Own Hysterectomy

In her new book, photographer Elinor Carucci grapples with her own aging and mortality.

Via:: Wired News

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