Friday, March 22, 2019

What Apple or Samsung phone to buy? We can save you money if you'll take an older model

If you’re looking to save, consider an older model. New Apple iPhone SEs are available for $250 and you can get a 2-year-old Samsung Galaxy for $400.

Via:: USA Today Tech News


The Internet Made Dumbledore Gay

J.K. Rowling seems to have lost touch with, if not downright alienated, the portion of the internet she hopes to engage with and delight. Are fans partly to blame?

Via:: Wired News


25 cleaning products Amazon shoppers love—and why they're worth it

You might actually enjoy cleaning with these top-rated products that Amazon shoppers love.

Via:: USA Today Tech News


MoviePass restores its $9.95 unlimited subscription plan for a limited time

The plan temporarily costs $14.95 on a month-to-month basis or you can pay up front for a 12-month subscription which averages out to $9.95 a month.

Via:: USA Today Tech News


Scientists explain why we're just now learning about a giant meteor that exploded over Earth last year

A giant meteor exploded over the Bering Sea in December, the biggest blast believed to have happened since an event in Russia in 2013, says NASA.

Via:: USA Today Tech News


How the Apple iPads now stack up: from $329 to $999

The lowest priced tablet is the Mini, while the top-of-the-line unit starts at $999 but could top $2,000 depending on how many features are added.

Via:: USA Today Tech News


Apple unveils two new iPads

The iPad Air and iPad mini have updated.

Via:: USA Today Tech News


Google Stadia takes on Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo with new online game platform

Google’s Stadia, announced at the Game Developers Conference Tuesday, will make games available on Chrome browsers on PCs, computers, phones and TVs.

Via:: USA Today Tech News


HP’s New Reverb VR Headset Bumps Up the Resolution

The price has swelled, too. The Reverb bundle will cost between $599 and $649 when it ships in late April.

Via:: Wired News


With Google Stadia, Gaming Dreams Head For the Cloud

The company this morning introduced Stadia, its new vision for anywhere, any-device gaming.

Via:: Wired News

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