Sunday, November 19, 2017

The Fallout Over the Al Franken Allegations Underscore That Seeing Is Believing

Franken apologized; Roy Moore didn’t. Why? The power of the image.

Via:: Wired News


The FCC’s Latest Moves Could Worsen the Digital Divide

The Federal Communications Commission, under Chair Ajit Pai, proposed changes to the Lifeline program that subsidizes phone and internet service for low-income Americans.

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Tesla Semitruck Reveal: Live Coverage

We’re here live as Elon Musk unveils Tesla’s newest electric vehicle.

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Google Pixel Buds may phase out 'lost in translation' term

USA Today’s Tech team tried out Google’s real-time translation headphones.

Via:: USA Today Tech News


You can take 4 studio fitness classes for $4 with this amazing ClassPass deal

This is the best workout class deal I’ve ever seen

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This Gene-Editing Tech Might Be Too Dangerous To Unleash

With gene drives, scientists are trying to supercharge evolution to eradicate malaria and save endangered species from extinction. But is this DARPA-funded tech safe enough to test in the wild? One of its creators isn’t so sure.

Via:: Wired News


Scientists don't know where all this extra antimatter came from

A new study says dark matter might have something to do with it.
Video provided by Newsy

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These are the best cameras of 2017

Looking for a new camera? These are the very best we tested this year.

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The Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2017 Gaming Deals

Gamers, avoid the crowds. Here are some of the best deals on games, consoles, controllers, and more.

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OnePlus 5T ($499) is capable iPhone rival at half the price

A good new smartphone does not need to cost you $1000.

Via:: USA Today Tech News

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