Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Charter, Viacom reach cable agreement, but Verizon and Univision remain at odds

Charter and media company Viacom have reached an agreement to keep channels such as BET, Comedy Central and MTV on the cable TV provider’s system.

Via:: USA Today Tech News


10 reasons why your kid isn't ready for a smartphone

These ten questions can help determine if your child is really prepared to have their own online device.

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Viacom, Charter extend deadline

A source says the two media companies agreed to extend their carriage renewal deadline, averting a blackout of Viacom programming. Fred Katayama reports.
Video provided by Reuters

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Amazon HQ2 headed to Washington? D.C. could be a serious contender

The nation’s capital has some draws and drawbacks as it bids to become home to Amazon’s second headquarters, HQ2.

Via:: USA Today Tech News


Gains in streaming audience offer hope for flagging NFL ratings

The NFL ratings’ decline comes as streaming of the league’s games has seen major growth.

Via:: USA Today Tech News


5 Deals on Desktops, Laptops and More to Upgrade Your Home and Commute

Need a more powerful router or faster laptop? These 5 tech deals can help

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AI Experts Want to End ‘Black Box’ Algorithms in Government

Researchers at AI Now say algorithms increasingly used by government can be opaque and discriminatory.

Via:: Wired News


Review: Amazon Fire 7 (2017)

Amazon’s most affordable device begs the question: when is a cheap tablet too cheap?

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5 products under $10 that changed my life

Here’s a list of total game-changers that cost next to nothing.

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Computers no longer need human input to beat us at our own games

Although the computer program is built to play only “Go,” this new development suggests computers might train themselves better than humans can.
Video provided by Newsy

Via:: USA Today Tech News

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