Friday, September 21, 2018

Flying Cars, the Real E-Scooter Riders, and More in the Future of Cars

Flying cars sound fun! But flying car regulations do not. The baby Airstream is so tiny and adorable! But that baby Airstream’s price tag is not. Plus: more ups and downs in the week’s car news.

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Space Photos of the Week: A Stormy Summer on Mars

Planet-encircling dust storms are shrouding skies and imperiling a NASA rover.

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Tech 101: Don't use hit music in your videos, it's not cool.

In this week’s Talking Tech newsletter, the story of a friend who put Marvin Gaye, Ed Sheeran and others on his video soundtracks, and got banned from Vimeo for doing so. Music isn’t free, and using someone’s material isn’t legal online. Consequences come when you get caught.

Via:: USA Today Tech News


Cord cutting test drive: We tried Mohu antenna for free TV channels

We take the Mohu Glide antenna for a test drive, to ditch cable in exchange for free, over-the-air TV signals. Even in our hilly neighborhood, we saw the first, clear signal ever, compared to other antennas.

Via:: USA Today Tech News


Over-the-air-TV? Mo better with Mohu

The Mohu TV antenna has impressed USA TODAY’s Jefferson Graham with its picture quality.

Via:: USA Today Tech News


Inside the U.S. Military’s Secret Nuclear Defense Plans

From hidden fallout shelters to remote missile sites to microwave communication towers, the United States spent the Cold War preparing for doomsday.

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Time lapse video shows the lunar eclipse in less than 60 seconds

The longest total lunar eclipse of a century was visible Friday. The moon donned a fiery red look, casting it as a “blood moon,” when the sun and moon are on exact opposite sides of the Earth, cutting off sunlight from the moon.

Via:: USA Today Tech News


Russian Hackers, a Bluetooth Flaw, and More Security News This Week

A Google security key, Russian hackers, and more of the week’s top security news.

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‘The Polity’ Is Libertarian Space Opera Done Right

Sci-fi writer Neal Asher’s series is a thrill-ride of grotesque aliens, badass hardware, rogue AIs, and deadly secret agents.

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Here are the 5 best Amazon deals of the weekend

This weekend’s best deals are super useful.

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