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Tech News Today: CES Edition


LG introduces new 3-D TV technology
The 3-D TV battle is still heating up. LG has revealed its new Film Patterned Retarder 3-D screens. It says these are less expensive than current methods. And the technology carries fewer health risks to viewers

Piracy possibility emerges with Mac App Store
A hack lets some software originally from the Mac App Store run even if it wasn’t purchased–but the problem seems to be more with the software than the store.

TV manufacturers hoping new features will entice customers
TV manufactures are hoping to pick up sales by promoting new technologies. But researchers expect consumers to react slowly to 3-D TV and Internet connections

CES Highlights

The Motorola Xoom
Exclusive shots of the first Android Honeycomb tablet in action at CES 2011.

CES: Underneath Microsoft’s new Surface
Microsoft’s big update to Surface has made it considerably smaller, more accurate to touch, and even cheaper. But is it ready for your living room?

Polaroid’s Lady Gaga Tech
Polaroid announced the fruits of its collaboration with Lady Gaga: a rather conventional-looking photo printer, a pair of sunglasses that can take pictures, and a reworking of the traditional Polaroid camera

The Best CES Tech You Can’t Get
The Samsung Galaxy Player is a beautiful Android 2.2-powered device. Unfortunately, you can’t have it–unless you live in (or are willing to move) to Korea

Nvidia, Motorola Mobility get top marks
The Consumer Electronics Show is about to wind down—mercifully—and it’s time to hand out grades for the major tech players. Motorola Mobility and Nvidia move to the front of the class.

Google’s surprise demo of Android 3.0 Honeycomb
At CES on Thursday, Google provided a 10-minute live demo of Android 3.0 Honeycomb in action, running on the Motorola Xoom tablet. We shot this video of the demo.

The Real Cost of 4G
4G is going to allow carriers to permit their subscribers to download data at unprecedented wireless speeds. But what is that really going to translate to in terms of cost?


Tech News Today

Facebook suicide note falls on deaf ears
A 42-year-old woman posted a suicide note on Facebook. The note said that she had taken all of her pills. Police found her dead in her apartment the following day. Tragically, none of her more than 1,000 friends did anything to help her.

Chip makers seek better graphics
With processors of the past, the main goal was speed. Now with the newest iteration of processors, the goal has changed. The focus has shifted to graphics and how well processors can display media

CES: What Microsoft’s Ballmer didn’t say
This isn’t a typical keynote write-up. At the kick-off Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2011 keynote by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer on January 5, the more interesting bits were what Ballmer didn’t say.

CES: Motorola reveals iPad-rival Xoom tablet
Motorola’s Xoom boasts more features than the iPad and will run the new version of Google’s Android OS.

Samsung adds Wi-Fi-only Galaxy Tab, drops TV bezel
At its CES press event, Samsung sped through more than 30 products over about 40 minutes, including HDTVs, a Wi-Fi-only Galaxy Tab, and a Blu-ray player that it claims is the world’s slimmest

Is Amazon Set to Go After Apple in the Mobile Space?
While competitors are scratching their heads trying to figure out how to give Apple a run in mobile, Amazon, a company not seriously competing with Cupertino, could become a major threat, and easily.

Amazon to open Android App store, and it could be a game-changer
From the "I really didn’t see that coming" files – Amazon is preparing to open an Android App store of its own, one that sounds a lot like Apple’s App Store.


Tech News Today

Internet may replace cable, satellite
Experts expect Web-ready TVs and set-top boxes will be hot gadgets this year. That gives cable and satellite companies a lot to worry about. The popularity of these streaming devices could cut deeply into their profits

Restaurants use iPads as menus
Restaurants across the country are turning to iPads for high-tech menus. One restaurant purchased 40 iPads that it uses as wine lists. It lets customers sort and select from more than 750 wines. Other eateries are using iPads as a quick way to place orders

Intel releases new processors
Intel released the newest versions of its Core i3, i5 and i7 processors. Formerly codenamed Sandy Bridge, these CPUs focus on video implementation. Intel is initially launching 20 iterations of the processors

Deleted Hotmail e-mail blamed on server issues
Microsoft is faulting server issues for a recent Hotmail debacle. Starting from Dec. 30, some Hotmail users reported missing e-mail. Microsoft says that it has fixed the issue. However, some users still report issues

Verizon to debut 4G Android smartphones
Verizon Wireless is set to announce several new Google Android smartphones at the Consumer Electronics Show this week for its new 4G wireless broadband network.

Microsoft to debut ‘Windows TV’ at CES
Microsoft is said to be unveiling set-top boxes and TVs running an embedded version of Windows built for the living room.

‘Daily Show’ coming back to Hulu?
The Daily Show could be making its way back to Hulu, a report from The New York Times claims

Digital newsstand on the way from Google
Google may be working on a new digital newsstand. Reportedly, the search giant has approached several publishers. The newsstand would provide another outlet for media companies to sell their products

Wikipedia meets $16 million goal
Wikipedia has met its $16 million fundraising goal. Founder Jimmy Wales said there were nearly 500,000 donations. They averaged $22 apiece. Meeting its goal means Wikipedia will continue to operate ad-free


Tech News Today

Intel’s 2nd-gen chip arrives, with Hollywood in tow
Chip giant’s second-generation Intel Core processors are upon us. Hundreds of PC models will be released over the next several months based on Intel’s highest-performing chip to date.

Security expert: Chinese hackers exploit bug in IE
A Google security researcher has used a fuzzing tool to find a bug in Internet Explorer. The researcher also warned that Chinese hackers were likely already exploiting the bug. Similar vulnerabilities were found in Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera.

Chrome finishes 2010 with 10 percent share
Google and Apple browsers strip away usage share from Microsoft’s Internet Explorer overall, but IE8 and IE9 do show growth.

Nintendo says only 7 and up for new gaming system
Nintendo is warning parents to keep toddlers away from its upcoming 3-D handheld. The company says that the 3-D mode could harm their still-developing eyes. Nintendo’s 3DS is a 3-D gaming system slated for release in 2011

50 billion reasons why Facebook is not worth $50 billion
Facebook’s latest valuation verges on the absurd — its stable of investment partners don’t inspire confidence either.

Verizon to make Galaxy Tab $100 cheaper
Verizon will soon drop the price of the Samsung Galaxy Tab by $100. This will make the tablet $500 without a contract. The price drop comes only two months after the Tab’s debut


Tech News Today

Microsoft co-founder refiles patent suit
Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen is relaunching his huge patent suit. The suit alleges that Apple, Google and other companies infringed his patents

Real-life Frogger lands man in hospital
Police say a man tried to play a real-life version of the game Frogger. In the game, players move a frog across a busy highway. But the man was struck by an SUV. He’s currently hospitalized in stable condition

Mozilla passwords mistakenly published
A database of 44,000 Mozilla user accounts was accidently made public. The usernames and password hashes were discovered by an external security professional. Fortunately, Mozilla says no one else has accessed the database.

Apple sued for apps that track personal info
A number of iPhone and iPad users are suing Apple. The lawsuit alleges that several apps share users’ personal data with advertisers.

Samsung preparing to square off with iPod touch
According to a fan site, Samsung will launch an Android-based media player. Samsung intends to compete directly with Apple’s iPod touch. The site says the player will have similar features as the iPod touch

Evidence supports Stuxnet sabotaged Iran’s nuclear plant
A new report strengthens suspicions that the Stuxnet worm sabotaged Iranian centrifuges. The report indicates that the Stuxnet code intended to raise the frequency of its targets. Increased frequencies would likely have broken the centrifuges.


Tech News Today

Apple increases order for iPhones in 2011
Apple told its partners it wants 20-21 million iPhones for the first quarter of 2011. That’s about two million more than originally requested. Of that total, about one-fourth of the phones are CDMA-based. That means they will work on Verizon’s network.

Man on trial for reading his wife’s e-mail
A Michigan man is facing 5 years in prison for reading his wife’s e-mail. He logged into her laptop and used her password to access her Gmail account. After reading her e-mail, he learned she was having an affair with her ex-husband

Windows 8 on ARM, but don’t hold your breath
The next version of Windows will run on ARM chips that already power some of the most popular personal computing devices. But don’t get too excited–Windows 8 will likely not appear until 2012.

The Best and Worst from Google in 2010
With 2010 coming to an end, it’s time to reflect on the year that just passed. What better place to start than with Google, which continues to grow as one of the most influential tech companies in the world. In 2010


Tech News Today

CIA starts new taskforce, chooses terrible name
The CIA has created a taskforce to assess the damage caused by leaked documents. Officially, it’s called the WikiLeaks Task Force. But most CIA members refer to it as WTF.

Amazon’s Kindle selling better than expected
Many analysts expect that Amazon will sell more than eight million Kindles this year. According to an inside source, only 2.4 million Kindles were sold last year

Craigslist cuts off adult services worldwide
Following the removal of its adult services section in the U.S. several months ago, the classified ads site has gone global with the shuttering of the controversial section.

Report: Microsoft bringing Windows to ARM chips
Microsoft will soon unveil a full-fledged version of Windows that runs on ARM chips, a drastic departure from the x86 architecture, sources tell Reuters.

Kodak sues Shutterfly over patent
Kodak is suing Shutterfly for patent infringement. Shutterfly denies the claims and is counter-suing. The suit could also affect other online photo sites like Google’s Picasa and Yahoo!’s Flickr.

The FCC’s Beautiful Net Neutrality Compromise
It has been a long time coming, but the FCC finally managed to bring a set of general rules for managing how the Internet can and can’t be used in the U.S. Telcos are angry, net neutrality purists are irate, but these new FCC rules are a pretty good deal for the average American

Google extends free calling through 2011
Google is extending free Gmail calling through 2011. Gmail users will need to have Google Voice to make free calls. Then they can call phones using their computers and their Gmail accounts

A Very Chrome-y Christmas
The Cr-48 and Google’s Chrome OS makes a great light vacationing computer. But can it and will it replace tens of millions of PCs? I think the answer is yes.


Tech News Today

Google won’t disclose Wi-Fi data
Google has refused to hand over data from its Street View cars. Earlier this month, Connecticut’s attorney general demanded the data. Google has not said why it will not turn over the information.

FCC makes Net neutrality rules official
Vote essentially creates two classes of service with different rules, one for wireless networks and the other for fixed broadband. The agency’s ability to enforce, though, may still be in question.

Update for Outlook causes issues
Microsoft is pulling a recent update for Outlook 2007. Microsoft says the update contains flaws that make Outlook perform slowly. The update also prevents certain e-mail from sending.

Apple TV to hit 1 million unit sales this week
With the new version of the Apple TV poised to reach that milestone, Apple marks healthy progress in the transition from the earlier "hobby" version of the set-top box.

iPhone apps secretly send out personal data
Several of the most popular iPhone apps have been found to share personal information. Apps like Angry Birds and Pandora are sending this information to advertisers. Some of the personal data included the device’s unique ID and the user’s location and age.

Apple struggles to keep secrecy
A long-running operation has rooted out insider trading among some Apple partners. One man was arrested for allegedly leaking upcoming product information. He is accused of selling information about the iPad and iPhone to investors.

Google seeks delay for new Google TV products
Google has asked several manufactures to delay upcoming Google TV-based products. Among these manufacturers are LG, Sharp and Toshiba. This will likely mean a lack of Google TV products at January’s Consumer Electronics Show.


Tech News Today

Rare lunar eclipse expected tonight
A full lunar eclipse is expected tonight–the first to occur on the winter solstice since 1638. The Earth’s shadow will completely cover the moon for about 72 minutes

Delicious Breaking Off from Yahoo, Not Shutting Down
Tales of the social bookmarking site Delicious’ demise appear to have been greatly exaggerated. Is Yahoo shutting it down or selling it? This story has the answers and some choice quotes from a Yahoo exec.

Feds target Websites selling fake drugs
Federal agencies are going after sites that sell fake prescription drugs. An estimated 36 million Americans have purchased knock-off pills. Several online entities, like Google and PayPal, have pledged to aid the crackdown.

Microsoft quietly shuts down Office Genuine Advantage program
Late last week, with no public announcement, Microsoft quietly retired one cog in its antipiracy machine. Office Genuine Advantage was officially shut down as of Thursday, December 16

Google makes new program to learn anatomy
Google Body is an anatomy tool that lets users browse through a 3-D model human. It also shows different layers of the body. For example you can see muscles, organs and veins. Many believe Google Body could revolutionize how people learn about anatomy

Bank of America cuts off WikiLeaks
Announcement comes as the embattled document-sharing site is reportedly readying a release that targets the banking giant.

Translate text just by looking at it
A seriously cool new app for the iPhone translates text in real time. Word Lens uses the phone’s camera to see text. Then it instantly translates any text it sees. Currently, it supports translations from English to Spanish and vice versa


Tech News Today

Kinect sex is here, game company says
It’s taken less than two months for a company to successfully work Microsoft’s new Kinect motion controller into a sex game demo. The question now is, how far will people take the hit device?

Google gets touchy on antitrust
Google in a blog post took on a Washington Post columnist who opined that the search giant should be more of a target by antitrust regulators.

Microsoft releases record number of patches
Microsoft released 40 patches to fix vulnerabilities in several programs. That is the most updates Microsoft has ever sent out at once. Nine of the 40 are critical. The updated programs include Internet Explorer and Office

Mark Zuckerberg named person of the year
Time magazine has named Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg person of the year. Zuckerberg created Facebook seven years ago. He was then a 19-year-old student at Harvard.

Offices get smaller, staff work in tighter spaces
Businesses now provide 200 square feet of space per employee on average. That’s down from about 600 square feet. Both technology and the economy have contributed to the shift

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