Saturday, February 16, 2019

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Microsoft exec: Tablets won’t last
One of Microsoft’s top executives doesn’t think tablets will be around much longer. He says tablets are only good for consuming content, not creating it

What’s happened to Honeycomb?
The first Android 3.0 tablet, Motorola’s Xoom, has been available for more than a month now. Others companies have been talking about their Honeycomb tablets, but none are shipping in the U.S

Why Microsoft is taking on Google in Europe
Two American companies battling across the pond may seem odd, until you look at the European record of enforcing its competition laws

Giving up Facebook is like giving up smoking
I gave up a social media ‘addiction’ for a week to get my essays written. Turns out, it’s a lot like giving up smoking: difficult at first, but slowly gets easier.

Tickets for sold-out WWDC fetch a high price
Tickets for Apple’s annual developer conference, which sold out in less than a day, are now going for quite a price premium on places like eBay


Tech News Today

Music labels look for rights violations in Amazon cloud
Online retailer appears to have gone to lengths to avoid violating copyright laws, and the company has begun negotiations to obtain licenses for new services. That could take time. Meanwhile, we’ve yet to hear from Apple and Google.

How Amazon has outsmarted the music industry (and Apple)
Amazon just brought back the best of the late, lamented Lala service that Apple killed. Yes, the recording companies are whining already.

Mobile carriers track your location
Your cell phone tracks your location every minute of the day. One German politician sued his mobile carrier. He wanted to see how often he had been tracked. His location was recorded more than 35,000 times in six months


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Racy email exchange goes viral
Here’s a lesson about the dangers of email. Two friends had a racy exchange about a particularly attractive woman. Somehow, the messages went viral. The men’s employers learned of the messages. Now they may soon be jobless.

Microsoft to file antitrust complaint against Google
In EU complaint, the tech giant says Google is engaging in anticompetitive behavior in search, online advertising, and smartphone software

Google picks Kansas City for high-speed fiber network
Google brings high-speed fiber Internet infrastructure to Kansas City. Next stop: the rest of America.

Windows 8: Beta collectors waiting with bated breath for a leak
In the past few days, rumors of a possible leak of one of the newer Windows 8 internal builds have been gaining steam.

Paul Allen: Gates, Ballmer tried to ‘rip me off’
Microsoft’s co-founder plans to release a new book entitled "Idea Man: A Memoir by the Cofounder of Microsoft." And his recollection of events involving Bill Gates isn’t too glowing


Tech News Today

Browser Wars
When it comes to browsers, we’re a little spoiled. New versions of the major players–IE9 and Firefox 4–bring serious competition to favored upstart Google Chrome 10. And don’t count out Safari 5 and Opera 11, as they, too, are keeping up the pressure on our top choice.

Google settles FTC charges over Buzz
As part of its agreement to end Federal Trade Commission investigation, Google agrees to establish a "comprehensive privacy program" after Buzz privacy flap.

Has Google learned Microsoft’s antitrust lessons?
While the Internet giant and trustbusters prepare for a year of hearings and court battles, some legal experts are struck by the similarities of what Microsoft faced a decade ago and Google faces today.

Today Cloud Drive, tomorrow a tablet – Watch out Apple, Amazon is after you!
Amazon’s launch of Cloud Drive and Cloud Player yesterday shows just how serious the company is about offering up a challenge to Apple’s media dominance

Beyond iPad: Top 10 tablets to watch this year
The tablet space is going to get smoking hot this year, with some compelling devices hitting the market that will crank things up. These are the top 10 tablets to watch this year.

Hackers seek intellectual property
Security firms are warning companies to guard their intellectual property. They say that this sensitive information is the new target for hackers. They say companies must be more proactive with cyber security.

NASA nixes 3-D camera on Mars rover
NASA will not include a 3-D camera on its next Mars rover. It says there isn’t enough time to create and test the camera. Avatar director James Cameron was helping to create the previously space-bound camera.


Tech News Today

Facebook tests real-time ads
Facebook is testing a new dynamic system for displaying ads. It monitors users’ actions and then displays ads based on them. For example, after posting an update saying you’re hungry, you may see restaurant ads

Jack Dorsey rejoins Twitter exec team
The co-founder, who has since gone on to co-found Square, is returning to the company as "executive chairman."

Time Warner takes heat for iPad app
Time Warner’s new iPad app is causing a ruckus. The app allows users to stream TV broadcasts to their iPad. Programming networks claim this violates their content agreement with Time Warner

Great first run by Amazon with its Appstore for Android
After 10 minutes of using it I have no desire to go back to the Google App Market

The first great Android Tablet: Nook Color
The first really great Android tablet may already be here: Barnes & Noble’s Nook Color.

Is the Windows Phone 7 NoDo update getting blown out of proportion?
Microsoft is rolling out the promised NoDo Windows Phone 7 update as promised in early 2011, yet many of us are talking it up like it is a major problem that is way behind schedule


Tech News Today


Microsoft gobbles up IP addresses
Microsoft has purchased more than 650,000 IP addresses for $7.5 million. That’s about $11 a piece. Microsoft hopes to get as many IPv4 addresses as possible before they become unavailable.

Google, Yahoo, Skype targeted in attack linked to Iran
Ingenious attack traced to Iranian networks led to fraudulent digital certificates that could impersonate major Web sites including Google, Yahoo, and Skype.


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2010: The year Apple also became a chip company
The market share numbers for chipmakers Intel and Advanced Micro Devices changed little in 2010. But the entry of Apple into the market is proving to be highly disruptive

Red Hat: Nearing $1 billion in revenue; Not bad for free software
Red Hat delivered a strong fourth quarter and is on track to be the first pure play open source company to hit $1 billion in annual revenue

Google not ready to share Honeycomb source code
The source code for Google’s Android 3.0, the tablet version of the OS known as Honeycomb, will only be shared with a specific few hardware partners, the company said

Open source’s UI handicap explains Google’s Honeycomb move
Google is reportedly holding back Android 3.0 Honeycomb code from open source developers in a move that’s causing a good bit of angst. Can open source do UI

Zombie PC Prevention Bill to make security software mandatory
South Korea’s recently proposed Zombie PC Prevention Bill, aims to fight botnets with common sense – by making security software mandatory on users’ PCs.


Tech News Today

Judge creates roadblock for Google’s digital library
A federal judge has thwarted Google’s plans to digitize every book in the world. The judge says such an undertaking would give Google a "de facto monopoly." Google hopes to continue the project eventually and bring millions of books online

Showtime to pull some shows from Netflix
Showtime is pulling some of its content from Netflix. Specifically, it’s removing shows that are still airing. This includes the series Dexter and Californication. However, Showtime is still giving Netflix shows that are no longer running

Firefox 4 doubles IE9’s 24-hour download tally
Such 24-hour download statistics don’t make or break a browser, but no matter how you slice it, 4.7 million is a really big number.


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Windows Phone 7 update is out
Microsoft has released a long-awaited update for Windows Phone 7. The update, named NoDo, lets users copy and paste. Microsoft says the update also makes the software faster.

Samsung reboots tablet strategy and beats Apple on price
Samsung dominated the first day of CTIA Wireless 2011 with its announcement of two new tablets that could finally give the Apple iPad a run for its money.

American propaganda revealed in Libya
A former member of the Dutch military has intercepted American propaganda in Libya. The U.S. military dispatched a secret plane that hijacks local airwaves. The plane has been broadcasting warning messages to Libyan ships.

Apple sues Amazon over app store
Amazon has opened its own mobile app store. Amazon is calling it the Amazon Appstore. Apple says the name infringes on its App Store. It’s suing Amazon for copyright infringement.

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Tech News Today


Google partners with Sprint, integrates Google Voice
Google says it is integrating Google Voice with Sprint. It’s letting all Sprint customers use their mobile phone number as their Google Voice numbe

Firefox 4 launches into a tougher, faster world
Three years ago, Firefox 3 set the world on fire, burning up more than 8 million downloads in its first day. Debuting today, Firefox 4 steps foot into a vastly more competitive browser scene.

RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook prepped for April 19 launch
Research in Motion’s BlackBerry PlayBook will be available at Best Buy starting April 19 as well as other retailers.

What would AT&T, T-Mobile deal mean for Sprint?
Sprint Nextel may find it difficult to compete on its own if the deal between AT&T and T-Mobile is eventually approved by regulators.

Amazon launches Android Appstore: Trial balloon ahead of a tablet?
Amazon launched its Appstore for Android and the effort may hint at a bigger strategy for tablets.

New York Times paywall took years to finalize
The New York Times’ new online pay model is causing controversy. Even among the Times’ executive leadership there is an ongoing debate. But the move to a subscription system was a long time coming

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Tech News Today

SecurID hit with security breach
SecurID says it suffered a data breach. The company says the breach could compromise its security products. SecurID makes authentication devices that dynamically generate security codes

AT&T buys T-Mobile – How do customers feel about that?
On Sunday, Deutsche Telekom agreed to the sale of T-Mobile USA to AT&T in a deal worth some $39 billion. But how to customers of T-Mobile feel about that?

AT&T’s T-Mobile deal: Regulatory hurdles ahead
No. 2 AT&T’s $39 billion proposed acquisition of No. 4 T-Mobile USA may make sense from a technology perspective, but the companies are likely to face scrutiny from regulators

The tethering police are coming, unroot your phones
Those who jailbreak or root your phone to allow free tethering better be ready. The tethering police are coming, and they know who you are.

Netflix to buy upcoming TV series
Netflix has gained the rights to a new TV drama called House of Cards. The 26-episode drama is set to star Kevin Spacey. This deal helps balance its aging collection of TV shows and movies

‘Worst song ever’ gets 16 million views
Rebecca Black is just 13 years old. Her pop song called Friday is going viral despite the general consensus that it’s just bad. Her singing is heavily auto-tuned

Google accuses China of meddling with Gmail
Search giant says "government blockage" is responsible for disrupting operations of the company’s popular service in China.

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Tech News Today

Mozilla mirroring Chrome’s fast, phased releases
Lighting a fire under its browser development process, Mozilla expects a cascade of gradually maturing Firefox versions will bring new features to users faster.

U.S. military to create fake Facebook profiles
A military operation to manipulate social networks has been revealed. It would use software to create fake online users, or sock puppets. Military personnel would control the fake users and spread pro-American messages

New York Times to charge for Web content again
The New York Times will once again charge for readers to access its content. By the end of March, users will get access to 20 articles per month. Once the

Microsoft and feds bring down spam giant Rustock
A raid, triggered by a Microsoft lawsuit, neutralized the massive spamming network last week.

Amazon in price war with Google over Android apps
Amazon has announced that it is planning to launch its very own Android App store. And AndroidNews got a sneak peek at the, as yet, unlaunched store and uncovered evidence that Amazon is planning to engage in a price war with Google?s Android Market

Amazon’s looming state tax headache: Could Prime offset a worst case scenario?
Amazon’s tax battle with cash-strapped states continues and the various skirmishes could take years to resolve. The big question is what happens to Amazon in a worst-case scenario where it has to collect sales taxes in every state

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Tech News Today

White House supports online privacy bill
The Obama administration is supporting an online privacy bill. The bill would give Internet users a foundation of expected privacy. The proposed bill would require a do-not-track feature in all browsers.

Japan radiation fears grow
Anxiety over Japan’s damaged nuclear plant increases as top U.S. nuclear regulator calls situation worse than reported by Japanese government and says "extremely high" radiation levels could hamper containment efforts.

Apple adds week to iPad shipping
It could take up to five weeks now to get an iPad 2. Demand is the cause for the delay

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eBay eases listing fees
eBay is changing its rules to improve user experience. Specifically, the site is helping users avoid listing fees. You can list up to 50 items per month at any starting price

Microsoft planning major overhauls for MSN and
Microsoft has hired quite a number of designers to create ideas for the next generation of MSN and Catch a sneak peek of their ideas here!

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