Sunday, June 13, 2021

Tech News Today

Google releases WebM video plug-in for IE9
Just as Microsoft releases a new browser that can play H.264 Web video, Google releases a plug-in to let it play its own preferred format.

Leaked e-mail raise improper lending suspicions
Hacking group Anonymous has leaked internal e-mail from Bank of America. The messages discuss improper lending practices. It actually details how employees illegally modify loan documents

Internet Explorer 9 is released: should you switch?
Tonight, Microsoft officially released Internet Explorer 9 to the public. What’s changed since the Release Candidate? And can IE 9 overcome its Achilles heel?

Critical Flash flaw won’t be fixed until next week
Adobe warns of a "critical vulnerability" in its Flash Player that could cause crashes or allow attackers to take control of PCs or mobile devices.

Bots used to infiltrate online poker
Online poker sites are cracking down on poker-playing software. The poker bots are becoming more intelligent. Their increased ability is making them a popular choice for scamming the sites

Microsoft shelving Zune player, not brand
The Zune, Microsoft’s MP3 player and answer to Apple’s iPod, is said to be on its way out, according to Bloomberg.

Facebook to test Groupon-like deals service
Social-networking giant will begin testing a service that will allow members to purchase local deals and share them with friends on the network

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