Sunday, June 13, 2021

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SecurID hit with security breach
SecurID says it suffered a data breach. The company says the breach could compromise its security products. SecurID makes authentication devices that dynamically generate security codes

AT&T buys T-Mobile – How do customers feel about that?
On Sunday, Deutsche Telekom agreed to the sale of T-Mobile USA to AT&T in a deal worth some $39 billion. But how to customers of T-Mobile feel about that?

AT&T’s T-Mobile deal: Regulatory hurdles ahead
No. 2 AT&T’s $39 billion proposed acquisition of No. 4 T-Mobile USA may make sense from a technology perspective, but the companies are likely to face scrutiny from regulators

The tethering police are coming, unroot your phones
Those who jailbreak or root your phone to allow free tethering better be ready. The tethering police are coming, and they know who you are.

Netflix to buy upcoming TV series
Netflix has gained the rights to a new TV drama called House of Cards. The 26-episode drama is set to star Kevin Spacey. This deal helps balance its aging collection of TV shows and movies

‘Worst song ever’ gets 16 million views
Rebecca Black is just 13 years old. Her pop song called Friday is going viral despite the general consensus that it’s just bad. Her singing is heavily auto-tuned

Google accuses China of meddling with Gmail
Search giant says "government blockage" is responsible for disrupting operations of the company’s popular service in China.

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