Sunday, June 13, 2021

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Judge creates roadblock for Google’s digital library
A federal judge has thwarted Google’s plans to digitize every book in the world. The judge says such an undertaking would give Google a "de facto monopoly." Google hopes to continue the project eventually and bring millions of books online

Showtime to pull some shows from Netflix
Showtime is pulling some of its content from Netflix. Specifically, it’s removing shows that are still airing. This includes the series Dexter and Californication. However, Showtime is still giving Netflix shows that are no longer running

Firefox 4 doubles IE9’s 24-hour download tally
Such 24-hour download statistics don’t make or break a browser, but no matter how you slice it, 4.7 million is a really big number.


Striker Magnetic Light Mine – Hands Free LED Flashlight – $4.99 at, expires 3/27

Windows Phone 7 update is out
Microsoft has released a long-awaited update for Windows Phone 7. The update, named NoDo, lets users copy and paste. Microsoft says the update also makes the software faster.

Samsung reboots tablet strategy and beats Apple on price
Samsung dominated the first day of CTIA Wireless 2011 with its announcement of two new tablets that could finally give the Apple iPad a run for its money.

American propaganda revealed in Libya
A former member of the Dutch military has intercepted American propaganda in Libya. The U.S. military dispatched a secret plane that hijacks local airwaves. The plane has been broadcasting warning messages to Libyan ships.

Apple sues Amazon over app store
Amazon has opened its own mobile app store. Amazon is calling it the Amazon Appstore. Apple says the name infringes on its App Store. It’s suing Amazon for copyright infringement.

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