Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Is this the end of the $500.00 tablet

After less than two months on sale, HP has pulled the plug on the TouchPad tablet and is so desperate to get rid of them that it is having a firesale, selling the 16GB TouchPad for $99 and the 32GB model for $149. But not only has HP killed the TouchPad, it has also single-handedly destroyed the entire non-iPad tablet market.

Consumers are snapping up the deals at an unprecedented level to include several of our staffers. It is obvious that there is a huge market out there for a competitively priced tablet, the question is and this deal still does not answer that as the effective price point is probably significantly higher than 99.00 but way less than 500.00 maybe around 250.00.

Soon Amazon will have its tablet out and we will see where it all shakes out, but it is apparent that the $500.00 price point is just too igh for the masses.


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