Sunday, June 13, 2021

iPad 3 Coming Soon… Here is what it should have and what we hope for

With talk rampant that the iPad 3 is coming in the first half of the year there is a lot of speculation about what it needs to have to stay ahead of the curve. A small update like the iPhone 4s is going to put Apple behind the proverbial eight ball as the iPad 2 is good enough for most uses and incremental upgrades will make it tough to keep the high price points that Apple has grown used to with competition heating up in the tablet space.

Here are the upgrades that we think we will see and some we are just hoping for.

What we should see.

1. A “retina” display – Until you have seen the retina display, its just a bunch of tech specs. Having seen it now on the iPhone it is a must have upgrade

2. Siri functionality – There is really no reason Siri is not on the iPad 2, but Apple is famous for holding its big software upgrades to force us into hardware upgrades.

3. More Storage – Since we expect the iPad 2 to stay around at a price drop to compete on the lower end (Do not believe the 200.00 hype, more like 399.00 for the 16GB) The iPad 3 should get double the storage start points (32, 64, and 128 GB

4. A better camera -  Since they are already sourcing the 8GB camera for the iPhone that would be the perfect upgrade to the iPad and make all those great photo apps much easier to use on the iPad.

5. More memory and a faster processor – These are the standard upgrades with every model we don’t expect a quad core yet, but faster video processing and likely 1GB ram for multitasking are in store.

What we wish for but probably wont get.

1. 4G at a reasonable price point – This would be great to make the iPad truly a computing everywhere device, but with the price of service this is probably still a generation or two away. The iPad may support 4G, but no one can afford it to download movies etc with our current setups

2. USB and/or SD Card support – This is not going to happen and it is always our biggest problem with our iPad, I want to carry a few movies around and can’t. USB or SD support would solve that problem. I would actually prefer this to a bigger hard drive even.

3. iTunes and App Store separated – This is only a matter of time. iTunes is becoming too bloated with hundreds of apps, books, etc. There needs to be a separation of the marketplaces.

Time will tell which of these upgrades make it to the iPad 3 and as you play with the current generation iPad you realize just how hard it is to make big upgrades. It’s pretty darn good now.


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