Friday, March 31, 2023

CES Opening Thoughts

Wow Ballmer can talk a lot and say absolutely nothing. That was the biggest take from the keynote to open CES. Not everything at CES was boring today though as there were some great new products from Samsung, Intel, and Nokia today.

Samsung probably was the most talked about manufacturer across the board as they brought out the Galaxy note, app controlled appliances and some amazing TV’s. The one thing noticed most. Chrome was nowhere to be found and its awfully quiet out at Google so far.

Here are some of todays highlights and video from the floor from TWIT


Ballmer delivers Microsoft’s last CES keynote

“We really have a chance to raise our game this year,” Ballmer said at the start of the keynote, the last Microsoft will deliver at CES.

Samsung bringing super-size smartphone to US

Economic Times
In an announcement on the eve of the giant Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Samsung said it will partner with AT&T to sell the Galaxy Note in the United States and it will run on the US telecom carrier’s 4G network.

IdeaTab ‘transformer’ turns tablet into a laptop

Christian Science Monitor
The IdeaTab S2 and IdeaTab K2, a pair of tablets showcased at CES 2012, are both set for 2012 release

Nokia Determined To Battle In America With Lumia 900
Nokia (NYSE: NOK) CEO Stephen Elop was long on the military metaphors during his company’s press conference at CES 2012, speaking of the need to “establish a beachhead” in the US with his company’s new Windows Phone strategy

So Where Are All The New Google Chrome Devices At CES? (GOOG)

?San Francisco Chronicle
There’s no mention of Chrome or Chromebooks on the official Google blog about CES. And the Chrome blog doesn’t mention CES at all.


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