Sunday, June 26, 2022

Apple flubs first major post Jobs release as backlash against Apple’s iAuthor program growing

Usually Apple is the company that can do no wrong, but in the first rollout post Steve Jobs Apple seems to have hit a major dip in its perception with iBook Author. Steve Jobs got a lot of leeway for things like this, but without Jobs at the helm, the internet world seems to have lost some of its Apple reverence and is looking at the facts and not the personality of the company.

First it was Dan Wineman pointing out how bad the EULA was in a post where he pointed out the audacity of the new license agreement.

“Apple, in this EULA, is claiming a right not just to its software, but to its software’s output. It’s akin to Microsoft trying to restrict what people can do with Word documents, or Adobe declaring that if you use Photoshop to export a JPEG, you can’t freely sell it to Getty.”

It gets even more confusing as the EULA becomes a complete nightmare for content creators when it conflicts with the OS licenses for things like 2D Collada models. If you use Collada to make a 3D model and put it into an iBook you are done. Actually you just cannot do it and if you do you are now in violation of the GPL.

Generally the way Apple is doing this just doesn’t seem very well thought out.

Now Ed Bott of ZDNet is going even further with a story headline that calls Apple out

“Apple’s mind-bogglingly greedy and evil license agreement”

That is the headline on a major review site today.  Not a good start for the post Jobs era.

Here is a sample of the tech world’s response to Apple. It should be interesting to see how they respond.

Apple Embroiled in eBook Publishing Controversy 
And a boon to the author, the e-books can be published directly from the app into Apple’s iBookstore. According to iBook Author’s end user license agreement, if an author wishes to charge a fee for a work created in the app, he is restricted to Apple’s …

iBooks2: Not a silver bullet for publishers

When Bott says, “I have never seen a EULA as mind-bogglingly greedy and evil as Apple’s EULA for its new ebook authoring program,” he means it. You may not sell your iBooks Author-created ebook in any other store. For their part, Apple do not guarantee …

Apple unmasks the Death Star: iBooks Author

Well, Apple’s finally done it. It must only have been a matter of time before the evil would show through. It was like trying to hold your breath indefinitely — you have to breathe at some point. …


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