Sunday, June 26, 2022

Dropbox just continues to amaze

It’s not often that we revisit a recommendation here, but we the more we use dropbox, the more amazed I become with the myriad of uses for this simple, yet quickly becoming irreplaceable app/service.

I just almost cannot believe the things I am now doing with dropbox and not having spent a dime yet to upgrade I have around 5GB of space. You start with the free account and they just continue to give out free space and the apps are absolutely amazing.

I am now syncing every photo I take automatically from both my iOS and Android phones and tablets. I never connect anything anymore and every photo is on every device as well as on my PC and my MAC. This has saved me more time than you could ever believe.

I also now have a shared folder with my wife that allows her to drop anything in it at anytime and no matter where I am I have instant private access. If she is at a doctor and needs insurance information I just drop a scan of the card in and she has it in seconds on her phone. The uses for the shared folder are amazing when you start really using the service. I am going to be setting up shared folders with others as its amazing how easy this is to use for quick editing and the like.

I have even created a notes folder and am now dropping every note to myself into dropbox and they are available wherever I am, no applications to download it just works.

If you are not using dropbox, give it a try, its free and quite possibly the number one app/service we can recommend. If you do, please click through here so we can keep adding to our free space 🙂


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